Salsa Anything Cage HD

photo c. Salsa

Bikepackers rejoice!  After a rocky start with the first version of the Anything Cage, Salsa gained a loyal following with the updated version.  Now, they’ve released the Anything Cage HD.

After rounds of 3d-printed prototypes, Salsa landed on an injection-molded, impact-resistant nylon design that can hold up to 6.6 lbs (3 kilos) of gear.  It still mounts to Salsa’s Three-pack fork bosses, available on many Salsa forks as well as on forks from a few other manufacturers.  If you don’t have enough bosses on your fork (I don’t have enough bosses, said no one, ever!), you can always mount with P-clamps from the hardware store.

Salsa Anything Cage HD Front

photo c. Salsa

Anything Cages can hold, well, anything.  The updated design offers more locations for strap placement, meaning you can carry a wider variety of cargo.  They hold Nalgenes, cook kits, tents, tarps, sleeping bags – whatever you can fit!

If you’re itching to buy, be patient.  The Anything Cage HD is not available yet, but it will be distributed through QBP, so your local shop should be able to get it.

Check out an interview with Salsa Product Design Engineer Sean Mailen and Product Manager Andy Palmer to explore the process of how the Anything Cage HD came to be.

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Salsa Anything Cage HD Back

photo c. Salsa