Helinox Chair Zero Camp Chair – The One Pound Wonder Chair

Can you have a folding chair pack up to the size of a water bottle, weigh one pound and provide comfort? With the Helinox Chair Zero you can!

This is an awesome camp chair!

Somehow, this chair packs a heck of a punch for only weighing 1lb.  It stuffs up to the size of a 32oz water bottle , yet provides legit comfort for your rear.  Being that it does not take up much space and weighs so little, I am sure you will find yourself using it often.

Helinox Chair Zero

Durable build quality

Using DAC poles to set up and a durable ripstop material for the seat, this chair can take a beating.  It has survived use in light snow storms, rain storms and a full summer of living in a hot truck.

Helinox Chair Zero

An excellent choice for ultralight camp chair

I was surprised at how comfortable the Chair Zero was.  Especially for how light it is.  It seemed to fit my butt perfectly LOL.  No, you don’t get a cup holder or anything fancy.  What you do get is a legit chair that packs up super small and weighs hardly anything.  Grab one from REI for $120

Helinox Chair Zero Camp Chair - The One Pound Wonder Chair 1Helinox Chair Zero | REI Co-op $119.95











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