Bubi Bottle, just say that out loud. Hope it made you laugh! Kidding aside, Bubi Bottles are silicone water bottles made for a variety of uses, not just water. All Bubi Bottles are made of BPA free silicone so they are very versatile and can handle an extreme range of temperatures. What makes the Bubi Bottles stand out from other water bottles on the market?

bubi bottle review

Being that they are made of silicone, they are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, reversible, freezer safe, puncture resistant, heat resistant and can roll up when not in use. You can put boiling water in them. In fact, you can put the Bubi bottle directly in the camp fire to boil water. No kidding. The bottle can be frozen as well, making for a great ice pack.

Bubi Bottle Review

We used the Bubi Bottle on a rafting trip, using the provided carabiner to attach to the raft. As the bottle bounced around, it did not hurt as much as a hard sided bottle probably would have. Safety! We froze a few of the Bubi bottles and used them as ice packs in our cooler when camping. Bonus, we had water to drink when it melted. We tried hard to break the vessel but failed to do so. Our dog got hold of one and used it as a chew toy but did not puncture it. We used it as an ice pack for sore muscles after a hike. When we were not using it, we rolled it up to save space.

If you are looking for a unique and versatile water bottle that is easy to clean and hard to break, the Bubi Bottle will do the trick. Available in several colors and sizes from 14-35 ounces. Available accessories include sippy caps, and Bubi Hatch, an insulating sleeve for your Bubi bottle.

Get them direct from Bubi or from Amazon in 14 oz and 22 oz sizes.