Orange Mud Endurance Pack: Multi-Sport Hydration

When I road bike, I typically do not wear a hydration pack. Like many road cyclists, I prefer using water bottles secured neatly in cages to my bike frame instead of carrying anything on my back. Also, I do not like the hassle of fidgeting and adjusting gear on fast descents.

However, my curiosity was triggered during the recent Tour de Steamboat, when I noticed that my friend chose to use a hydration pack instead of water bottles to carry her hydration. Among other reasons for using a hydration pack, she cited being able to carry more water and minimizing the number of stops to refill. Less stops? That got my attention.

After the cycling event, I decided to try out a hydration pack during my next road ride. I wanted something less bulky than the hydration pack I already use for mountain biking, but with similar functions. Enter the Orange Mud Endurance Pack.

Orange Mud Endurance Pack Review

Engineered by Orange Mud founder and former adventure racing athlete, Josh Sprague, the Endurance Pack is designed as a multi-sport hydration pack for runners, cyclists, and hikers. As a multi-sport athlete himself, he wanted a hydration pack that was multi-functional and met the needs of athletes in different sports.

At 9.5 oz, every feature in the diminutive 6L pack is intentional. Key features include stretchy mesh material, a main cargo department, zippered elastic pocket with secure key clip, trekking pole attachment option, and shoulder and front chest pocket storage to keep nutrition or a cell phone within easy reach.

Orange Mud Endurance Pack Review

Designed to be friendly to women’s curves, the Endurance Pack’s shorter dimensions has the added practicality of not getting in the way when women need to quickly relieve themselves during a race.

Road cyclists who prefer using a hydration pack should consider the Endurance Pack. When I took the pack on a road ride, I was pleasantly surprised that it remained stable and didn’t bounce, the fully adjustable shoulder straps didn’t fall off of my narrow shoulders, and the chest fit was snug.  Additionally, the 2L HydraPack offers a quick disconnect tube and high flow bite valve and is easy to clean.

Orange Mud Endurance Pack Review

The Orange Mud Endurance Pack is a unisex pack available in one size. It is designed to fit both male and female athletes of different sizes and builds. However, women might find it more comfortable fit for its size and figure-friendly design.  Available in three colors (lime green, gray and orange), it retails for $134.95 and can be purchased on Amazon.