Problem – you are camping and the mosquitos are in full force. Do you A) use some strong chemical spray that contains DEET B) use nothing and suffer C) try something new? Para’kito has created two solutions to this problem. Para’kito Refillable Band and Roll-On Gel. I went deep into the woods and set up camp next to a creek to test them out.

This summer has been a particularly wet one here in Colorado, so bugs and mosquitos have been an issue for me when hiking and camping. I usually don’t use bug spray, but had to resort to it this summer – just so that i could get outside and test gear! When the samples from Para’kito came in, I wasn’t sure that a natural product could keep up with the high demands. How did Para’kito fair?

When I headed into the woods with a bunch of friends, we all applied the Para’Kito Roll On to our necks, arms, and legs. Para’kito uses a blend of essential oils – citronella, rosemary, geranium, mint, clove, and peppermint – to naturally repel bugs.  The smell was actually pleasant, kind of a manly musk and clean scent. Much better than the harsh chemical smell of DEET-based products. After a few hours of hiking around, we all noticed that we were not getting attacked by bugs. A very nice surprise! Next trip we put the refillable band to use. Each pellet lasts for up to 15 days of use, so you don’t need to reapply anything.

parakito insect repellent review

I’ve tried several natural mosquito repellents before, none with the positive results I received from the Para’kito products. It was a very welcome result and kept me from dousing myself in DEET. The bracelet was easy to use and the roll on was a hit too. I wound up keeping it in my backpack for other trips.

parakito insect repellent review

Para’kito did a great job in creating a natural, essential oil based product to keep bugs from ruining your outdoor adventures.  Grab your bands and refills or the roll-on gel from Amazon.