Primus Tupike Car Camping Stove – Classy and Powerful Dual Burner Stove

The dual burner Primus Tupike stove not only looks classy, it is powerful enough to cook up a meal for your next car camping trip.  We took it to the mountains of Colorado to see if it would perform in winter and altitude.

Beautiful construction, burly function

The first thing that jumps out is how attractive this stove is.  I don’t think I have ever said “look at that stove” but I did find myself mesmerized with the aesthetics of the Primus Tupike.  The oak panels on stainless steel look cool, and function to keep the stove protected in the back of a vehicle.

Testing at altitude – 11,500ft to be exact

I tested the Tupike at 11, 417ft, just shy of the treeline.  No trouble at all for this powerful (7000 BTU) stove.  It started up on the second try.  This was using propane too.  I was very impressed.  I usually have a bit of difficulty getting backpacking stoves to start up at this elevation.  I made lunch and dinner at this camp spot.  Some pretty great views up there as well.

More testing at camp(s)

The Tupike saw a lot of use over 3 months.  From winter camping to summer camping (we don’t really have much a spring season in Colorado).  Each time I used the stove, it was a pleasure to do so. It sets up quickly (see the video above) and stores nicely.

Is the Primus Tupike a good car camping stove?

Yes!  This is one awesome car camping stove.  The ability to control both burners independently to cook up a great meal is key.  The fact that I could get the stove to work in sub-freezing conditions and at altitude was amazing.  The stove looks awesome too.  The included, folding griddle is very handy. At around 9lbs, this is not a light stove for backpacking.  But for car camping, tailgating and pool parties – this is a great choice. MSRP $230

Primus Tupike Stove