Looking for the ultimate cooler for your next car-camping trip? How about one that can store 120 cans of your favorite beverages and has serious off-road capabilities? Oh, and it is lockable and bear proof. Then check out the RovR RollR 80 cooler!

RovR RollR 80 Campsite Edition Cooler Review


Ultimate Camping Cooler – RovR RollR Campsite Edition

If your idea of camping involves lots of cold drinks and food, then this is an ideal cooler for you. The RollR 80 is 80 liters of cooling capacity that can handle an epic weekend of drinks and food. The RollR Campsite Edition also comes with three accessories – Dual Cupholders, Prepping Board and Dry Bin. All the ROVR RollR coolers come with the Wagon Bin (we found it very helpful).

RovR RollR 80 Campsite Edition Cooler Review

The cooler itself if very robust and well built. The fact that they are Roto-molded and assembled in Colorado is very cool. Speaking of cool, the RollR 80 features 2” foam insulation to keep the contents cool for up to 10 days. We did not get to test to 10 days of ice retention claim, but that claim would also be in perfect conditions. Instead, we tested it out for a three-day camping trip and let our crew of 15 campers put it through all kinds of real-world tests.

RovR RollR 80 Campsite Edition Cooler Review

RovR RollR Campsite Edition- Tested and Review

We loaded the RollR up with 3 ice packs and 2 bags of ice on Thursday night. Friday morning we loaded the cooler with adult beverages and food. The internal dry bin came in handy for keeping items organized and dry. The 8” air inflated tires made for a smooth ride as we pulled the cooler over rocks and even a creek crossing. The aluminum pull handle is comfortable to grip and provided good leverage when we needed to pull the cooler uphill. The feature that we were really surprised with is the Wagon Bin. This is a collapsible bin that attaches to the top of the cooler. Simple and effective. This feature saved us a few trips as we put blankets and snacks in the bin. Once we got to camp we took the bin off and used it to keep snack food organized.

RovR RollR 80 Campsite Edition Cooler Review

Over the course of the weekend, we left the cooler out in the direct sun to challenge the cooling power. From Thursday night to Sunday morning we did not add any ice to the cooler either. We opened and closed the cooler at least a hundred times (it does hold over 100 cans WITH ice!) We felt this was a realistic test. How did the beer and brats do in this lazy, real-world experiment? Totally fine! The ice did not completely melt and the food was safely cold.

The RollR 80 also made a good station to leash dogs too. It also made for a great seat! The cooler got a lot of use (and abuse) and did its job without issue. There are a few lock points that you could use to keep people or animals out.

Should You Buy the RovR RollR?

If you want a large cooler for car camping, picnics, outdoor music festivals, boats or backyard BBQs – then absolutely! The ROVR RollR 80 Campsite Edition has all the features we would look for (and much more) in a legit, super burly, cooler. If you don’t have space for a large cooler or don’t need the features that the RovR RollR offers then save your money and get something lighter and cheaper


MSRP $349.  Also available in Bike Editiont hat swaps the handle for a bike hitch or Tailgater Edition that comes with extra cup holders, a stash bag, and a JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth speaker for rocking out before the game.

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