Looking for a tarp that can be used as a super tailgate canopy as well as pitched A frame style? Then check out the Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp. I took the Roadhouse Tarp up to one of my favorite truck camping spots to run it through the Engearment testing process. That may sound more impressive than it really is. Basically I went car camping and attached the Roadhouse to a 4Runner. How did it do? Is it useful? Read on to find out!

Slumberjack Roadhouse Tarp Review SJK

The SJK Roundhouse Tarp can attach to most SUVs and Jeeps by a simple system of wrapping the 2 straps around the wheel (make sure the brakes are cool first!) then clipping onto of roof or tailgate. I had no issue with attaching it to a 2016 4Runner and was even able to keep the tailgate up to access the trunk. Very cool.

Setup was a bit confusing at first and there are no instructions included. I did my best to emulate the pictures on the box and eventually erected the tarp in the “A Frame” style. This was easier than trying to set it up in the “Awning” style with two poles. Having a pair of dogs running around in a rain storm while setting it up probably did not help make the setup any easier. The two included poles are very heavy duty (and very heavy). Most of the weight of this tarp comes from the poles. Also included are 8 heavy duty steel stakes. If weight reduction is one of your goals, then leave one of the heavy duty steel poles at home and swap out the 10” steel stakes for lightweight tent stakes.


The Roadhouse proved very useful for sheltering the dogs and campers during the rain storm. It spared everyone from sitting in the truck or tents and allowed the group to set up chairs and hang out. Even with a sub-par pitch, the tarp maintained good stability in the rain and wind. The Roadhouse tarp is an excellent solution to finding an area to hang out in and keep the sun or rain off your group. MSRP $119