Seldom do you find a winter sleeping bag for under $500, especially one made of waterproof DriDrown. We were pleasantly surprised with this -20° contender from Slumberjack. Honestly, this brand was not on our radar for winter sleeping bags but we sure are glad it found its way to our tent! Somehow Slumberjack made a legit winter sleeping bag with all the features you would expect from a pricier brand….Enter the Slumberjack Sojourn.

First, lets talk about the insulation – its not the top level 800 fill down, but it is resilient 550 fill – and lots of it – 2lb 9oz of fill. The down is waterproofed thanks to the DriDown technology. So no worries about getting the bag wet from condensation. Speaking of water repellency, the hood and foot box are waterproofed as well. The material of the sleeping bag is extra burly thick material, good for camping with dogs. We have seen one to many ultralight down sleeping bags get ruined by one dog nail. Not a pleasant experience for the human or the dog.

The Sojourn is by no means ultralight, but it sure is not heavy for being a -20° degree bag. Regular size is 4lb 6oz and long (the size we tested) comes in at 4lb 9oz. The fit of the bag is not restrictive and fit our 6’1” 200lb tester with ease. One cool feature is the ability to enter from either side. This solves the problem of what side zip to get for a gift. This also allows for the user to open up both arms and use the sleeping bag as insulated garment while you use your arms freely.

slumberjack sojourn -20 sleeping bag review

The zippers are large and easy to use. No snagging at all. Of course there is the standard draft collar per usual winter sleeping bag. All in all this is one heck of a bargain for a winter sleeping bag. For an MSRP $299 ($319 long) this bag paps a lot of punch!  Also available in 0°, 20°, and 40° versions.