Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

Andrew Piotrowski

The Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew is a performance shirt designed to be used for a variety of uses. This could range from a standard day at the office to a long day running in the mountains.

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew 124 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew review

My brother was starting to look like he just got out of the pool as we rounded the final turn back to the cars. We had been running trails for about an hour and the summer heat and Maryland humidity were surely kicking in. We both grabbed our water and sat on the tailgate cooling down, Jeff looked at me and asked: “are you even sweating?” I hadn’t given much thought to it but when I looked down my blue shirt was only slightly damp around the armpits.

I looked over at Jeff and his “performance running shirt” looked more like a wetsuit. I replied and said that the Wool shirt I was wearing kept me cool. Being the skilled industrial designer that he is, he had to double-check me. I then explained that I was testing the 100% Merino Wool Crew Shirt from Ibex.

He was still confused and said: “Wool is for the winter”! He is not wrong in saying that Merino Wool is great for the winter, because it is. However, it’s also great for the summer. The Thermoregulating properties of Ibex Wool allow for the fabric to respond to changes in body temperature. This means that it keeps us cool in the heat and warm in the cold. If this sounds farfetched to you, remember that this system has been working for sheep for thousands of years.

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew 2

The curved hem and fashionable colors coupled with the unmatched comfort and odor protection make this a great choice for any activity. My only gripe is that I get weird looks when I wear the same shirt every day. 

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

Ibex 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew

Key Features-

Very Comfortable:  The performance wool feels extremely soft and is not itchy at all. The seams are nearly impossible to notice when wearing the shirt and there is no tags or bulky logos to get in the way.

Temperature Regulation: The sheep had it right all along! This shirt is unmatched in helping to keep you cool. I tested it running, paddling, biking, and lifting in the disgustingly humid Maryland summer conditions. Despite the high temps and 100% humidity I never once got the urge to take this shirt off like I often do with other running shirts. 

I never wash It: Don’t tell my wife but I have been using this shirt extensively over the past 1.5 months and have only washed it once. Ok I know that sounds gross, but seriously it never got smelly. This saves me time and more importantly reduces the impact on the environment through reduced water and energy usage.  

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Focus on Environmental Impact: In addition to reducing the impact of washing, Ibex is Carbon Neutral! As a consumer, this is huge as the apparel industry plays a huge role in climate change!

What would I Change: Absolutely nothing! Well except for my closet, I will be adding many more Ibex items in the near future.

MSRP: $88

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