North x North Has Joined the #Masks4All Movement to Help Do Its Part

North x North Has Joined the #Masks4All Movement to Help Do Its Part 1

North x North Has Joined the #Masks4All Movement to Help Do Its Part

A mask maker at heart, and unable to sew masks due to mandated closures at its cut-and-sew factory in Pennsylvania, all NxN kerchiefs are on sale with 10% of proceeds going to


Lewisburg, Penn. (April 15, 2020): A unique brand focused on elevating outdoor experiences at the most basic level, North x North is tapping Into one of the oldest apparel accessories in human history to ensure people have the protection they need now so that we can all get back outside sooner and more safely. NxN has joined the #Masks4ALL movement, encouraging its customers to wear their face mask whenever they leave the house. 
North x North Has Joined the #Masks4All Movement to Help Do Its Part 2
North x North works with a second-generation, family-owned factory in the U.S. to cut and sew each product, and unfortunately they have been temporarily shut down as part of the non-essential business “shelter in place” rule in Pennsylvania. But they are still shipping on-hand inventory at 15 percent off and donating an additional 10 percent of sales to help provide PPE to frontline healthcare workers through


If you can give, give. If you can sew, sew masks for those in need. If all you can do is wear a mask when out, then wear a mask,” said North x North founder Chad North. “The small needs in front of us help solve the larger needs beyond us. We can’t produce facemasks right now unfortunately, but we can encourage everyone to wear one, and that’s how we beat this thing.” 


Media may find the following resources regarding personal facemasks and disease transmission helpful: 


// The CDC official recommendation and guidelines to wear cloth face coverings in public settings to help slow the spread of the virus: 


// Modeling the Effectiveness of Respiratory Protective Devices in Reducing Influenza Outbreak: “Once 80 percent of the population wears a mask, the outbreak can be stopped immediately.” [read


// Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses: “Overall masks were the best performing intervention across populations, settings and threats.” [read]


// The #Masks4ALL official website links to lots of sources about the effectiveness of cloth masks.


// Stealth Transmission of COVID-19 Demands Widespread Mask Usage [read]


// Czech researchers are showing that when worn by an infected person, even a homemade mask can trap up to 100 percent of potentially infected microdroplets, i.e. masks fundamentally prevent the transmission from you to others. People are most contagious before they start showing symptoms (or they may not show any symptoms at all); therefore, it’s everyone’s duty to wear a mask to protect themselves from infecting others on top of social distancing and preventative measures.


Continued North: “Everyone in the outdoor industry can and should be wearing a mask when out in public. We all have a buff, bandana, or something to wear. A million masks ain’t worth a damn if no one is wearing them.”


North x North Has Joined the #Masks4All Movement to Help Do Its Part 3
N x N Products that are being well utilized for face coverings during this global pandemic include the 25-by-25 inch Merino Wool Handkerchief ($35); and the Merino Wool Hooded Neck Gaiter ($30). The flagship 42-by-42 inch Merino Wool Kerchief can also be worn as a mask in town, on the trail, in camp, and along the open road in every season and climate. Other popular uses include applications such as headwear, neckwear, apparel, bag or carrier, first aid, cordage, insulation, protection from sun, wind, insects, and fire. The full-sized kerchief is extremely popular with hikers, travelers, and outdoor adventurers in the U.S. and globally. All three products are also available in a double-weight version.


All North x North products are crafted from certified mulesing-free Australian Merino wool. Products are also sustainably dyed using 40 percent less water than conventional fabric dyeing. Merino wool has proven itself as one of the best performing renewable fabrics of all time, and its 18.5-micron superfine fiber means it is not scratchy against the skin. 


Chad North has been working in the outdoor industry as a product and apparel designer since 2012. An avid backpacker, motorcyclist and outdoorsman he set out to “build a better buff” — and realizing that the kerchief, worn by millions globally, was one of the oldest apparel accessories known to man, he decided to improve upon it by making one out of premium Merino wool. North x North is now the only brand producing a 100-percent merino wool kerchief. Combined with the insulating, naturally antimicrobial, regulating and regenerative powers of merino wool, North x North has quietly reinvented one of the most practical and purposeful apparel accessories in the world.
North x North Has Joined the #Masks4All Movement to Help Do Its Part 4


The brand will also be announcing its Climate Neutral status and Plastic Neutral status later this month. Free returns and a lifetime guarantee are included with each product purchase.

About North X North

Launched on Kickstarter in 2016, North x North (NxN) specializes in multifunctional merino wool apparel. By pairing timeless designs with modern day merino, our apparel helps keep wearers comfortable regardless of the climate or weather. With over a 100 different ways to use or wear, from in town to on the trail, we keep comfort light and right on hand. Each of our products are made from 100% premium, ethically-sourced Australian merino wool and masterfully sewn in our home state of Pennsylvania.

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