Opedix Kinetic Health Gear – Dual-Tech 2.0 3/4 tight


Opedix makes some really innovative clothing aimed at helping you perform at your best. They call it Kinetic Health Gear featuring Torque Reform Technology. What the heck does that mean? Well, they have been working with several research institutes (including the local Steadman Phillippon Institute) and several medical research collaborators to develop what they believe is a better performing compression wear. This is not your typical tight or compression shirt, far from it. We opened the package up (3/4 tights) and tried them on. Our tester put them through the ringer for a few weeks – training with kettlebells, hiking, biking and training clients. Here are some of his thoughts.

After 3 weeks of use, we feel that we can offer a good review of the pants. The 3/4 tights are built very well, they are not the typical one layer stretchy tights we are used too. They have several different fabrics are sewn together (23 panels!) in strategic places to facilitate proper joint alignment, as well as help with recovery and hopefully alleviate some knee pain. The tights sounded like they were ripping in a few places when we tried them on (they told us they would do this, so it was not a surprise) but this was just the pants conforming to our legs. The tights (size large) were not too tight as to restrict any kind of movement (tester is 200lb 6’1” 33” waist) so that was a pleasant surprise.

There is so much technology involved with these garments that are was a bit overwhelming reading the included fact sheet. We will break it down for you here in layman terms. The tights are supposed to help with reducing joint pain, decrease fatigue, help recover from injury and alleviate everyday pain. We can say they did this. Sean did not set any records in them, but we did notice they kept our knees feeling a little happier as well as helped with recovery. Sometimes that is all you need – an effective piece of gear that helps you with your activities.Opedix

The tights are made of 200 g/m 80% nylon / 20% spandex (OPX base fabric) and the stretchy parts are made of thinner 82% nylon / 18% spandex (TR+ mesh) . They are well built, are easy to clean and they don’t get too hot to work out in. All in all, these are pretty awesome tights. The retail on the pants is $225.

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