Pactimo Ascent Jersey

Kate Agathon

A cyclist can never have too many kits. Nor, if you live in Colorado, too many Colorado-themed jerseys that let us pay homage to the Centennial State we love to ride in.

Pactimo Ascent Jersey
Pactimo Ascent Jersey

Pactimo Ascent Jersey review

I recently tested out Pactimo’s Women’s Ascent SS Jersey in Colorado Stripe, along with the jersey’s matching sun sleeves. Not only do they look great, but the quality of the apparel is high.


For nearly 18 years, Colorado-based Pactimo custom cycling clothing company has been designing awesome team kits for teams, clubs, and individual sales.

Pactimo Ascent Jersey
Pactimo Ascent Jersey

Pactimo differentiates itself from other cycling apparel companies in that they are constantly redesigning their apparel- from technical improvements to details such as zippers and cut, to coming up with brilliant new designs that are only available for limited amounts of time (they know how to keep their fans engaged).

Pactimo Ascent Jersey 4


Additionally, Pactimo does not mass produce its clothing. Each piece of clothing is custom-made; so it takes approximately 18-24 days to receive your order.

Pactimo Ascent Jersey 5


Now for the product details.


Pactimo’s practical updates to the design are small, but make a difference.


The updated Ascent jersey features a new collar whose tapered design and lower placement increase comfort when the jersey is fully zipped.


In addition, the Ascent jersey now sports a partial waist gripper (a portion has been removed from the front of the jersey, so that the fit is less confining while riding) rather than a full.


Featuring Pactimo’s logo, the rubberized textured zipper is anti-lock, making it easier to zip and unzip with ease.


However, the feature I most appreciate is the zippered valuables pocket.


In addition to the roomy triple rear pockets, there is a zippered pocket constructed onto the third pocket from the right. It is fantastic to hold my ID, cards and key! I love how I didn’t have to sacrifice a pocket to hold my valuables, nor worry about them inadvertently bouncing out.


Two minimalist reflective tabs along one sleeve and the bottom of the jersey are the finishing touches on a great jersey.


I’ve received compliments on the design of both jerseys, and even more on the matching sun sleeves.


For design and fit, I would say the Ascent jersey is just right.


There’s only so many ways you can reimagine Colorado’s signature C, state colors, or mountains on a cycling jersey, yet somehow, Pactimo continues to find new ways to refresh their designs and keep cyclists coming back for more every year.


The traditional fit jersey draped nicely and wasn’t too roomy (something I’ve found with other “traditional fit” jerseys by other cycling apparel brands) in the waist or the sleeves.


The material wasn’t too heavy or too light. And unlike some cheaper competitors, the jersey looks and feels like quality.


I also appreciate that unlike other cycling apparel companies, Pactimo offers two fits (aero and traditional fit) and different types (road jersey, mountain bike/gravel jersey, etc.). So many times in the past, I’ve liked a jersey that was only available in an aero fit. I’m thankful that Pactimo realizes that cyclists come in all shapes and sizes.

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Now to the sun sleeves.


For most cyclists who use sun sleeves, our options are usually white or black. To have something that matches the jersey looks really nice; especially since I don’t belong to a cycling team or a club. One person who complimented me said he had no idea there were colorful designs available and wanted to buy both the jersey and sleeves.


For both the traditional fit Ascent jersey and the sun sleeves, I recommend buying the size you normally wear; they are true to size. Just note that the sun sleeves will appear too small, but once you put them on, the compression fit sun sleeves are fine and do not restrict movement or circulation.


For every cyclist (especially Colorado aficionados), Pactimo’s cycling jerseys and apparel offer something fresh and innovative. I look forward to wearing more Pactimo in the future!

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