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SAXX Black Sheep is a line of merino wool based boxers, tights and shirts. 

The Black Sheep is ideal for winter sports as a base layer.  I spent the last few months living in the Black Sheep tights and long sleeve shirt as he climbed mountains and snowboarded down them.

Black Sheep – Merino mix with a pouch

Merino is an ideal base layer for winter sports.  It wicks moisture very well.  It does not hold onto odor.  It is durable and can last a long time.  Merino wool is not itchy.  In fact, it is very soft on the skin.  Most of you already know this, but for those who may be new to wool base layers, it is good to demystify the stigma that wool is itchy.  SAXX adds 5% spandex to the mix to keep it stretchy and non-restrictive.  The weight is 185g/m2 so it is not too heavy, not too light.

SAXX Black Sheep Base Layer

Ball Park Pouch – Support for your manhood

Saxx incorporates Ball Park Pouch in all their boxers, briefs and bottoms.  We are big fans of this.  The pouch is not obtrusive and just the right amount of support.  It also keeps friction down.  This is ideal for us athletes that spend a lot of time hiking, touring, climbing or running.  Of all the pouch based undergarments out there, SAXX seams to be the best in this category.

SAXX Black Sheep Base Layer


Flat Out Seams – Seems like it makes a difference

Seems – they can suck.  They can rub against your skin and cause irritation.  Doing the 3 months of testing, I never once noticed a seem.  That was actually a big deal to me.  I was able to spend several hours in the mountains, climbing, and splitboarding.  Then sleep in them back at camp.  They never felt uncomfortable.


Fit and function – the most important aspects

I am 6’1”, 200lb,  33” waist, 45” chest – so I have some trouble finding the ideal fit.  First world problem, I know.  Usually, XL is a good fit in the shoulders, back, and chest, but baggy in the gut.  Large makes me look like I am wearing a baby T-shirt.  I was pleasantly surprised that the XL top fits well.  I used a medium on bottom.  The fit was perfect.  The spandex allowed the tights to fit without being too…. tight.  The stretch also allowed me to move freely without ever having to think about the base layer.  Never had to stop and readjust or pull pants up.   The tights and top did their job and did it well.

SAXX Black Sheep Base Layer

Benefits of the Black Sheep base layers

The fit and function being spot on, the next biggest perk about the base layers is how streamlined they are.  It is nice not having to use a boxer brief and tights for winter sports.  I have been using SAXX briefs under other base layers, but now do not have too.  One less thing to worry about.  Also one less waistband.  That part is actually a surprisingly nice aspect of having the Ball Park Pouch built into the tights.

The SAXX Black Sheep line up of base layers will not disappoint.  I put several months of use on the tights and top, neither showing any sign of failing.  If you are a fan of the Ball Park Pouch – then the tights are going to be perfect for you.  If you are looking for a long sleeve merino baselayer then the top will serve you well.

Mens Tights $95

Mens Top $95


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