Spy Helm 2 Sunglasses – Happy Lens and Happy Shades

Spy Helm 2

Spy Helm 2 Sunglasses – Happy Lens and Happy Shades


Take Spy’s Happy Lens technology and add it to a stylish frame and you have the Helm 2 sunglass.

Happy Lens – These are not your grandma’s Blue Blockers

I have been using the Spy Happy Lens since I tested the Spy Hunt last year.  I love the lens and how they work.  Basily, the special lens blocks out short-wave blue light. Short-wave blue light is the CNS stimulating, less desirable part of the blue light spectrum.  Think of the glow from a computer or TV screen.  We all know that kind of light is not ideal for humans and can cause issues with sleep and mental well being.


Do Happy Lens work?

Longwave blue light is allowed to pass through the lens though.  This is good as it helps with circadian rhythm and happiness.  Hence the name – Happy Lens.  There are numerous studies that show this kind of “blue blocking” can benefit well being.  There are functions on many smartphones that can help with this too.  Like night mode for iPhone or f.luxfor computers.  These tactics really do work and help keep you sane in an otherwise crazy, 24hrs on kind of world.  Personally, I keep a pair of Happy Lens sunglasses in my truck at all times – Spy Hunt.

Longer Temple for more comfort

The new Helm 2 sunglass has a longer temple section (145mm) that I think feels better on my head.  They also have a rubberized grip to keep them in place.  I appreciated the way the Hunt held on my head, but the Helm 2 is more comfortable.


Stylish and versatile

The Helm 2 has an updated look and feel to them.  The lens is a little bigger (57mm) and the fit is very comfortable.  The coverage is good for most adventures.  Though these are not wrap-around sunglasses, so not suited for high alpine missions.  They are much more at home hiking, day to day use and looking good.  I even took them rafting, though it was a mild trip and never approached anything more than a level 2-3 rapid.  Spy tricked them out with attractive gold logo hits on the sides.


Who is the Helm 2 Sunglass for?

I would feel comfortable wearing these sunglasses to a day job as much as I would outdoor recreation.  The looks are stylish and subtle.  The fit is comfortable and holds onto your melon well. The optics are superb! I only wear polarized lens and the Happy Lens in the glasses I tested was polarized and Happy Lens. This would be the best way to go, in my opinion.  At MSRP $150


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