When you become a parent, your life changes drastically. One of those changes happens less to you and more to your clothes. Where once you were the pinnacle of fashion, now even your best jeans, your nicest shirt, and even your Arc’teryx jacket become toddlerified. (That’s a word.) So, if I told you that a pair of pants existed that could defeat toddlerification (also a word), what would you think? And, to be clear, toddlerification doesn’t have to involve a toddler – it could be any world conspiracy to mess up your pants. Let me introduce you to Dish & DUER Live Lite A/C pants.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a parent to love the Live Lites. Anyone who wears pants can love them. The key is, where most companies say you can take their pants from the office to the crags (or the trail, or whatever), these can go from the crags or the trail to the office without skipping a beat.

Dish DUER Live Lite A/C T2X pants review


These pants are supposed to be perfect for hot weather. A combination of features and fabric meet that goal.

Dish & DUER added a few nice touches that elevate the Live Lite A/C pants beyond normal. First, there’s enough stretch to make them move with you, but not to much that they don’t hold their shape.

Next, DUER added a pair of inconspicuous, zipped vents to the outer thighs. Even when open, the mesh-backed vents don’t stand out much, but they offer a little extra air circulation. You could even use them as a small stash pocket if you needed. All zippers are YKK.

Finally, the right-rear belt loop has a metal ring sewn into it. This is great for travelers who want to add a small bit of security as they walk around. It also works for plain-old, vanilla wallet chains, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Live Lite pants come in three styles – the A/C pants I’ve been wearing (in slim and relaxed fits), Joggers, and Adventure Pants (a sort of Cargo/Jogger hybrid). Each uses Dish & DUER’s T2X fabric, which is a blend of 52% cotton, 37% Tencel, 10% polyester, and 1% spandex. Tencel is naturally anti-bacterial, so bonus!

The Live Lites also have Dish & DUER’s standard feature set – crotch gusset, a reinforced stitching – for some added durability and comfort.

How We Tested – Being Mean to Pants

The A/C pants arrived on March 29. Since they arrived, I’ve worn them an average of four days a week to the office. I’ve ignored all judgment from co-workers about wearing the same pants every day. I’ve subjected them to toddler hands covered with dirt, spaghetti sauce, dirt, blueberry jelly, dirt, and a bit more dirt. And, I have not washed them.

You may judge the results yourself. I’m surprised and impressed.

The Dish & DUER Live Lite A/C Pants Review

So really, after that, these pants should be destroyed.

Opening the package and seeing the color DUER sent, I thought, oh, crap. They’re going to be a stain magnet. When the dude got his sauce-covered hands all over me, I figured the run was over and they’d have to go in the wash. But the stains never set and disappeared with a bit of water. Pants that can survive almost three months of life and toddler without getting stained are magic. See for yourself – all of the pictures in this review were taken after all the pants torture an before a wash.  Imagine if they were a darker color.  No more laundry!

Dish DUER Live Lite A/C T2X pants review

The Live Lite A/C pants really are light. Dish & DUER seem to pride themselves on making pants that work in warmer temperatures. For that, I thank them. Anything over 50° is warm for me. Between the fabric and the vents, the Live Lite A/C pants have yet to feel hot, even as the temperature has soared above 90° this month.

I do wish that the pocket lining material was less stretchy. It feels like my phone moves around more than usual and doesn’t stay put because the fabric lets it bounce as I walk.

Final Thoughts

After a 5x successful Kickstarter, Dish & DUER made these pants available to the public earlier this spring.  Thanks, backers!

But, yeah, we have to talk about value. DUER doesn’t make cheap pants. At $120 for the Jogger, $128 for the A/C Pants, and $132 for the Adventure Pants, you’re putting up some dough. But I’ve put 44 days of wear on them in the last three months. That’s probably how much most people wear pants in a year. They’re pristine. Take better care of them than I did and you’re probably talking five-year pants.

I’m going to go run a load of laundry now.  Get your own pair.