NEXUS Fitness App and Push Band 2.0 Review – The Future of Fitness Tracking

NEXUS Fitness App and Push Band 2.0 Review - The Future of Fitness Tracking 1

NEXUS Fitness App and Push Band 2.0 Review – The Future of Fitness Tracking

Nexus PUSH band fitness tracking



Track how effectively you are really training

As a fitness coach and athlete, being able to dial in a training program to best suit the goals is always a priority.  I am always trying to see what variables affect the training and how to tweak them. Whether it is keeping track of the workouts, resting heart rate, heart rate variability, food intake, rest or any other metric possible.  These all contribute to the training program.

But there were some gaps in the metrics.  I was not able to see how “hard” I was really working.  Or if the student I am working with is really “pushing it”.  Or, conversely, if they were going too hard, too often and derailing their progress.  Which is often the case.  Enter NEXUSand Push Band 2.0

Push Band 2.0 – the next level in fitness tracking device

The Push Band 2.0 is a streamlined fitness tracking device that attaches to your forearm and sends a signal, via Bluetooth 5.0, to your phone or tablet.  There, the information is processed and displayed in various ways.  The Push Band is hassle-free and easy to use.  It is rechargeable via micro USB and has only one button to turn it on and off.  Simple is always better.

NEXUS fitness app and PUSH band 2.0


NEXUS – Streamlined fitness tracking app

NEXUSis an app designed to work with the information that the Push Band is sending over.  Once you sync the Band to the NEXUS app, you are set to track.  Within the app is a plentiful library of exercises. Using the library of exercises,  I created the workout for that day.  You can save that workout for next time as well.  Enter the reps, sets, and weight.  Then push start.  That is it!  No need to start and stop after each exercise.

Nexus PUSH band fitness tracking

How does it know what exercise to track?

Or how does it know what is an exercise and what is not? As in, going from swing to squat to drink of water then onto a pushup.  I was very confused about how it could differentiate the movements.  How it could distinguish work from noise. So I hopped on a web conference with the NEXUS CEO – Mike Dawson (a very smart guy!).  He explained that they use AI, yes – Artificial intelligence.  Specifically, Machine Learning.  They spent a lot of time developing a system that would distinguish exercise from “noise”.


Nexus PUSH band fitness tracking

Does it really work?

Yes, it totally works.  I was skeptical at first.  So I plugged in a basic workout of swings, squats, pushups, and pull-ups.  As I went from one exercise to the next, the app kept up.  I started the 2nd set and the app was right on it. I was impressed!  As long as you program the workout with the correct exercise, weight, and reps, it will work perfectly. If you just go random exercise flow, it will not.

NEXUS fitness app and PUSH band 2.0

What does it track?

Work:  Force x displacement. Measured in kilojoules. Good to know how much work you are doing so you don’t overdo it (or under train too!)

Power: Work/time.  This can be viewed as intensity or how “hard” you are training.  I enjoyed seeing my power peak on exercises like the swing.

Cadence: Pace, or speed of performing a movement.  I found this very helpful for pacing myself during kettlebell sport training.  This can be a key to finishing a training plan and not overdoing it at the beginning.

Work to Rest: This one is obvious but it is also very important.  In my Mountain Fitness training programs, I often have more rest than work.  Making sure to track this helps me and the student perform better.

NEXUS fitness app and PUSH band 2.0

Who is this for?

I think the NEXUS app and Push Band 2.0 are invaluable tools for CrossFit athletes, professional athletes, weekend warriors, kettlebell sport and hardstyle athletes.  Tracking progress is important for anyone who wants to get better and move towards a goal.  The information NEXUS provides could be used to recalibrate a training plan and keep on track.

Shared workouts – Global Live Leaderboard

This is a great tool that allows you to share your “Work” output to every other NEXUS athlete in the world and compete.  The crew is also working on ways for you to share your workout results with your friends, coach, or others in the community.  This can be a good tool to inspire yourself or others and keep motivated and accountable.

Check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages – @trainwithpush.  For more details on the launch check out

MSRP for pre-order is $299.  I highly recommend this app and device for anyone serious about training.

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