SAXX Underwear has an interesting way of “supporting” your nether region while enjoying your favorite activities. The Kinetic and Quest 2.0 feature SAXX’s BallPark Pouch and lightweight, moisture wicking materials to keep everything cool and chafe free.

Does the Ballpark Pouch really work? Or is it a nifty marketing tool?

The Ballpark Pouch is basically a guidance system for your balls. Meaning, it keeps them from sticking to your legs and causing irritation. Sound nuts? Well, it is not so far fetched of an idea. We found that the BallPark Pouch was just the right amount of support and cradle without being so engulfing as some other brands of “pouch” underwear. SAXX did a good job of designing these for function and comfort. Both the Kinetic and Quest 2.0 feature non-chafing Flat Out Seams and 9-panel construction, call Three-D Fit. What that means is there are no seams to rub you the wrong way and underwear that’s shaped to fit you, not stretching to cover you.

SAXX Kinetic Boxer Review

I really liked these boxers! They offer semi compression fit – just the right amount, not too tight nor too loose. The 1 3/4” waist band offers a secure fit. The raised silicone SAXX logo on the front might be overkill, but it did not hinder me from an activity. I really appreciated the 90% nylon / 10% spandex fabric for its moisture wicking and comfort. These became my go to boxers or backcountry touring, hiking, kettlebell sessions and any activity that we were going to be kicking ass in. Highly recommended. Available with 5″ or 8″ inseam MSRP $37/$40

SAXX Quest 2.0 Open Fly Boxer Review

The Quest 2.0 Boxer is a great everyday boxer brief. These would be the boxers that you can wear to the office, then head out to the single track or go for a run. You get the performance of a lightweight, moisture wicking sports boxer with the comfort of noncompression boxer. These could easily be your daily driver. Available in 5″ or 8″ inseam, with the open fly on the 5″ model.  MSRP $30/$32

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