AccuRelief released a very portable device that can be used as a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation), or a massage unit. Hence the name 3-in-1 Pain Relief Device. If you have ever used a TENS unit then you know that it can be a powerful ally in the treatment of pain. EMS can help activate muscles that may have gone dormant from atrophy. Massage always feels good! The AccuRelief Pain Relief Device saw lots of use. More use than I anticipated. Did it deliver?

The AccuRelief Wireless Pain Device is a USB rechargeable device that can be controlled with the included remote, or synced up via Bluetooth and controlled by your iPhone or another smart phone. We found that the app was very well thought out and easier to use than the remote. The app allows the user to choose a region, program, and intensity easier than with the remote control. The rechargeable lithium win battery charged up fast with a micro USB plug and provided several 30-minute sessions.

I used the device as an electronic massager several times. There are three massage programs and each was adequate. I did not use the EMS function as much because I did not feel the need to use this feature. There are five preset EMS programs that would be of benefit for a user with muscle atrophy, or possibly part of a physical therapy program. The TENS feature was most used. There are six preset TENS programs on the device.  Overall, the device provides 60 levels of adjustability.

The AccuRelief was a serendipitous product for us to review. I pinched a nerve in my neck during a kettlebell course and wound up relying on the TENS feature several times. I found that the TENS program for the neck and back really did lower the pain and allow for more circulation in the areas. Now the AccuRelief Pain Device is in my training bag at all times! One gripe, the adhesive pads don’t last very long. They do include 2 sets, but we would recommend getting a few more.  At $70 for the unit and about $12 for pads, you can’t go wrong.  Find it at your local CVS or Rite Aid.