Hyperice is synonymous with recovery and cutting-edge technology.

I’ve been using the Vyper and Hypersphere in my personal training business as well as for my own recovery since they first came out. Hyperice was founded with the aim of helping athletes recover from intense training programs and games. With professional athletes like Lindsey Vonn, Blake Griffin and dozens of collegiate and professional teams using products from the company, you can bet your sore ass that the products work.

Hyperice Venom Review

All that aside, what is the Venom, what is it supposed to do, and does it work?

The Venom is designed to alleviate back pain using vibration (Hyperice is known for their burly motorized vibration tools) and heat. As a trainer, I have been using ice for recovery for years, but recently there have been many well-cited studies showing that heat has an important place in recovery as well. So I gave the Venom an unbiased and open-minded shot to see if it delivers on its promise to help your back out.

Hyperice Venom Review


The device is essentially a large neoprene belt that you affix around your torso. There is a powerful rechargeable battery (16.8 volts) that snaps onto the belt and powers a high tech looking control center. The control center has several options – 3 levels of heat, 3 different settings for pulses and a timer. The control center sends the programming to 4 separate vibration pods as well as a network of nanotechnology sensors that heat up very fast. The result is pretty awesome. I put it through the ringer the first day and was impressed. The Venom heats up quickly, the vibration pods provide a good massage and the entire device is very well made.

Hyperice Venom Review

As a fitness professional, the most common complaint I see in my practice see is back pain.

The Venom would make a good fitness device to help you recover from sore lower back muscles and it can even help warm up the back prior to exercising.  This tool could prove useful for lots of general back pain but is by no means a cure for some more serious conditions. Generally, anything a person can do to alleviate pain and get a better quality of life is supported. The Venom gets two thumbs up! MSRP $229.

You can add Hypersoothe to the mix for an even better experience, though not necessary. Hypersoothe is a lotion made or a blend of essential oils – Peppermint to cool, Tea Tree to purify, Lavender and Chamomile to calm – and Coconut and Almond oil round out the soothing cream. Its nice to slather on your achy muscles and joints. MSRP $30