Where there’s a problem, there’s always someone trying to solve it. Call it the better mousetrap theory. Call it whatever you want. One of the problems I have is sweat. When I’m out doing something active, it leaks out of my pores. Sure, it serves a biological function, but it also gets in the way – it stings the eyes, makes your hands slip, etc. As an alternative to wicking headbands and hats, I tried out a new product called Wicks.

When they first popped up on the radar, Wicks appeared to be clear, or at least translucent.  That seemed inconspicuous enough.  Maybe it was “progress” or a redesign after feedback, but the Wicks that arrived were little, arched, felt pads that stick to your forehead. They come in a variety of colors, but the important part is that they’re absorbent and they stick. They’re low profile and slip under a helmet without changing the fit. So far, so good.

On the plus side, they really do work. They stop sweat from dripping down onto and into your eyes. Wicks also keep drops off of your sunglasses. Sweat on my shades bugs me to no end. The caveat here is that they have to be applied to a clean forehead and, in my experience, need to be placed so that they’re touching in the middle. If you leave a gap, it turns into a channel where all the sweat flows.

So far, so good! But, there’s a downside. We’ve gone rounds trying to decide how to best describe the aesthetics of Wicks. A few things come to mind: Ernie from Sesame Street; Oompa Loompas; Will Forte’s “Tandy” from Last Man on Earth. My toddler told me I had an “M” on my face. Point is, you have to get over looking stupid to wear Wicks in public.  The clear stickies would not have created this issue.

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As a secondary matter, Wicks are not reusable. Each set goes in the trash after your ride, run, or workout. That’s not particularly good for the planet.

Wicks are available in a variety of colors and are pretty cheap at $8 for a pack of 20 sets. They do a solid job of blocking sweat, but you’ll have to decide for yourself whether that’s worth having a unibrow and filling up the local dump.  They’re available directly from Wicks.