Zaca Recovery Chewable – Could this save you from a hangover?

Zaca Recovery Chewable

Zaca Recovery Chewable

Denver based, Non-GMO recovery chewable to help you recover from exercise, drinking, and toxins.

The market for hangover prevention has always interested me. As a person who can put down a few drinks, I am always looking for ways to minimize the impact on my liver and, body and head. I have tried many supplements in this category. From NAC and Milk Thistle to sports recovery drinks.  When Zaca came into our office, I was intrigued.


Good ingredients, no artificial sweeteners

The ingredients list is impressive.  No preservatives or artificial sweeteners. It always frustrates me when I see either of those in a health supplement.  The Zaca guys know what they are doing and it shows in the formula.

  1. Japanese Raisinfor liver detox
  2. l-alanyl-l-glutaminefor electrolyte and water absorption
  3. Prickly Pearfor antioxidants
  4. l-glutathionefor detoxification and immune support

What do those ingredients do?

I have used l-glutathione before and can attest to it being an effective mother antioxidant. Some people swear by it, though I am not that nuts about it.  It does seem to be a good supplement. l-alanyl-l-glutamate has me interested. I am impressed with some of the research on it.  I had not heard of Japanese Raisin until this review, so no comment positive or negative. Other than the Jungle Book, I have not heard of eating Prickly Pears. Looking through the literature on the ingredients, it seems like the Zaca team put together a well thought out and balanced product.


Now we test it!

I took 6 packets over to a tequila tasting party with 4 friends.  This was not a “light” night of tasting tequila.  Make no doubt about it, we set out to get drunk. My 3 other friends took one packet each of Zaca (two chewable tablets).  I took two packets over the course of the night.  I don’t want to implicate the others, but we all had several drinks.  The next day I checked in with everyone to get their take on the anti-hangover supplement.  The others felt that it worked and saved them from what should have been a challenging morning hangover.  I was surprised too.

Conclusions on Zaca Recovery Chewable

I am not going on record saying you can take a bunch of Zaca and drink as much as you want, that could lead to some bad decision making!  If you are a sensible adult and are looking to help your body avoid/recover from consuming alcohol, then this could be a good choice for you.  Just make sure to drink water along with each packet and you will give your liver a fighting chance to help you from feeling extra bad.

This supplement also has a purpose for those who are traveling, stressed, eating questionable foods or post-exercise. The ingredients are actually quite good and the flavor is pleasant.  I could see this being a supplement that I would use regularly. For more information head over to Zaca.

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