Costa Aransas Sunglass – Polarized Classiness

Costa Aransas Sunglasses

Costa Aransas Sunglasses – Polarized Classiness

Costa Aransas Sunglasses

Costa Aransas – Extra Large Fit

The Costa Aransas sunglass is a sharp looking pair of shades. The style is classic and goes with any look.  The fit is very large though, and it might be too large for some.  If these shades fit your head, then you will be treated to some great looking sunglasses with awesome optics.

Great Optics

Costa delivers on the optics department.  The 580 polarized glass lens are incredible to look through.  This is common with all Costa sunglasses we have tested,  they always perform excellently.  One of the reasons is the fact that Costa uses glass for the lens.  This creates an unparalleled optical clarity.  But it does way more than plastic.  So, keep that in mind if you are looking to save weight. Personally, I love the optical performance of glass for day to day use.

Costa Aransas Sunglasses

Smooth Frame

The frame on the Aransas is super smooth and streamlined.  It also has a beautiful green to grey fade on the models I tested.  Very classy.   The only downside I found with the Aransas was the smoothness of the frame.  That might sound weird, so let me explain.  The frame would sometimes slide down my nose if I bent over.  Most sunglasses we test at Engearment have some sort of rubber nosepiece and/or some rubber grip on the sides.  This keeps the shades in place during active use.  The Aransas do not have either of these rubber pieces, so on my medium size head, the glasses tended to move.  That was a bummer as I LOVE the way these sunglasses look and perform otherwise.

Costa Aransas Sunglasses

Final Review on Costa Aransas Sunglass

The Aransas sunglass is a sexy pair of shades.  The optics are as good as any out there.  The frames are smooth and attractive.  The lens coverage is large and stylish.  The only drawback I had was the smooth frame sliding down my nose from time to time.  This certainly did not stop me from using the sunglasses, but it was an unexpected predicament.  If you have a chance to try these shades on before buying them, then do so.  If they fit you well then absolutely pick these sunglasses up! If you have a small to medium size face, you will probably find other Costa sunglasses more beneficial.  Check out our review on the Costa Baffin for a sunglass very similar in shape and look, but featuring rubber nose and temple grips.  Costa Aransas MSRP $249


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