For better or worse, these days, heading outdoors tends to involve some gadgetry.  Whether it’s a camera, or your smartphone, or a GoPro, you’re likely to have something in your pack that has a battery.  What do you do when that battery dies?

AMPY Kinetic Energy Charger 2

Small form factor makes it easy to carry, versatile.

AMPY has come up with a solution.  They call it a Kinetic Energy Charger.  That means that it turns energy from your movements – pedaling a bike, jogging, hiking – into electricity that it stores until you need to recharge your device.

AMPY Kinetic Energy Charger 1

AMPY turns your motion into voltage.

The AMPY Kinetic Energy Charger contains a 1000mAh battery.  Fully charged, that’s good for about 55% charge on an iPhone 6, 63% on a GoPro.  AMPY estimates that the daily activity of an average person will power a typical smartphone for about 3 hours.  But, if you’re out and about, being active and using your gear, you may produce a lot more energy than that!

AMPY Kinetic Energy Charger 3

The smartphone app tracks your energy production, calories burned.

AMPY includes a smartphone app that tracks how much power you’ve generated and how many calories you’ve burned.  They say the unit can store about a week’s worth of activity-generated power.

With a list price of $95, you get the AMPY unit.  For $125, you get a few added accessories, like a protective sleeve and some attachment clips.

We generally carry some kind of solar backup for our gadgets when we head out into the mountains.  We’re not sure AMPY would replace solar as a primary power source, but it would be a nice backup to a backup.

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If you need help wading through the myriad of backup batteries and solar chargers, contact our Gear Concierge for help.