Arcade Belts Giveaway Winner

Well, now this is a surprise!

First of all, we’ll disclose the method we used to select our winner.  We headed on over to and used their random number generator to help us select one of our newsletter subscribers/Facebook likers:

Engearment Arcade Belt Giveaway Fake Number Selection

We were lucky in that #135 on our mailing list was not a family member or Engearment employee.  But, you’ll never guess who it turned out to be.

Quite frankly, we had no idea that Engearment had such an international audience.  We knew he was a fan of skiing, having built his own ski resort.  We thought he made suspect wardrobe choices in the past, but perhaps this will inspire him to turn over a new leaf.  Without further ado, the winner of our Arcade Belts giveaway is:

Kim Jong Un Arcade Belts

He looks so happy!

Who knows?  Maybe this will usher in a new era of peace and understanding.  We hear that he’s already loosening up a bit.  Heck, here he is from just last night (wearing an Arcade Belt, we presume):

Kim Jong Un Arcade Belt Party

We can’t give credit to Dennis Rodman…can we?

So congratulations, Dear Leader.  We hope it holds your pants up in good health and glorious sanity.

(We’ve reached out to our real winner and will post his victory photo when we receive it.)