Caffeine aficionados have, until recently, been limited to how they bring their beverages into the backcountry.  Sure, Starbucks did us some sort of a favor with their VIA coffee.  We no longer have to carry a french press kit and worry about packing out coffee grounds with our trash and the disasters that can occur in a pack if the trash bag fails.  (You pack out your grounds, right?)  With the advent of single-serve pourovers, the backcountry coffee world is starting to get better.  But what if tea is your thing?  And what if you want a cup, but don’t want to bust out the stove to heat up water?  Heck, what if it’s just too darn hot for a steaming beverage, but caffeine is necessary?  Please, let us introduce you to Cusa instant organic tea.

cusa instant organic tea review

But, Instant Tea Sucks…

If you’ve ever partaken in the microground wonder of Starbucks VIA, you’ll find these tea packets familiar.  And, like VIA, Cusa packets are filled with little particles of your favorite beverages.  Both maintain the essence of the source: VIA still tastes like over-roasted Starbucks coffee.  But Cusa takes their tea through an interesting process called Cold Steep that, they claim, keeps all of the good things that come along with tea.  Our sampling confirms it: this tea tastes like tea and not instant tea.

Cusa Tea Review

In hot water, Cusa tea dissolves almost instantly and completely, going from zero to tea in about five seconds.  In cold water, it doesn’t dissolve quite as well, leaving a bit of the tea powder floating on the surface of your cup.  This doesn’t detract from the flavor.

Why Cusa and not a normal tea bag?  Waste and weight reduction, for one.  You carry out the packet only and not a soggy tea bag.  Two, you don’t have to use fuel to heat up water to make Cusa.  It can go into any beverage container and turn water into tea in a snap.  Three, more weight savings – it may seem small, but each tea packet weighs about 2g less than a normal teabag.  So, you save an entire ounce if really like tea and carry fourteen of them.

Cusa sells their tea in five varieties – English Breakfast, Oolong, Green, Mango Green, and Lemon Black.  All of the teas are organic, though the mango and lemon flavors are apparently not.  They list both the caffeine and polyphenol content on the product pages for each type.  (Oolong wins!)  You can pick up the individual flavors in 10-packs or grab a variety pack with two of each variety.  List is $10 a pack, on sale at the moment for $8.  But, because we like you, we got Cusa to give you 50% off your order with code Blogger50.  Head on over to Cusa’s website and spice up your backcountry beverages.  (You can also get it on Amazon with Prime shipping, but without the coupon code.)