We love bikes at Engearment.  We tend to collect them.  In fact, among our skeleton staff of two, we have over 10 bikes.  We’re also lucky enough to have garages to store them in.  But, we recognize that not everyone is as lucky as we are.  Belgian cyclists-slash-designers Patrick Jacquet and Rob De Schutter recognize that as well, so they designed a system to help reduce the storage space needed to keep your bike.  They call it the Flipcrown.

Flipcrown lets you rotate your handlebars 90°, reducing the width of your bike significantly.  That lets you store your bike closer to the wall and ensure the handlebars don’t stick out to snag you as you walk by.  It’s also an effective theft deterrent, making the bike impossible to ride.

Flipcrown how it works

A simple and effective machanism.  1.Loosen Stem-bolt 2.Push FlipCrown Button 3.Flip Handlebars

The real genius of Flipcrown is that it makes the rotation repeatable.  Once you install it, the button locks your stem in a position parallel to your front wheel.  No more eyeballing the stem to make sure it’s straight.

Flipcrown is currently compatible with threaded headsets only, though they are working on a threadless system.  It comes in both 1″ and 1 1/8″ sizes.  It will come in various packages, depending on your pledge level – between $30 and $80.  They’re also offering an urban bike with the device pre-installed for a pledge of $450.

Flipcrown package

Flipcrown and tool

Flipcrown Combo Package

Flipcrown, Tool, and Quick-Release Pedals

Flipcrown Lifestyle Package

Flipcrown, Tool, Pedals, and Bike Shelf

Whether you live in an urban loft, bring your bike into the office, or have limited garage space, the Flipcrown can help reduce the footprint of your stored bike.

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