Even the Gearheads at Engearment get surprised sometimes by the nostalgia attached to certain gear.  Freezy Freakies were never the most advanced gloves on the planet.  They barely kept your hands warm and got soaked if you tried to make a snowball to throw at your little sister.  But, when they got cold, they changed colors and cool designs appeared.  They were the HyperColor of winter.  And now, they’re back….in adult sizes.

Freezy Freakies 1

Four designs: Unicorn, Turbo, Ski Alpine, Fighter Jet

Buffoonery Factory, LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign to revive the extinct brand. But, they didn’t just pull some old gloves out of a Detroit warehouse and start shipping them.  No!  They’ve been updated as well.  They added a soft, micro-fleece lining in place of the old polyester scratchiness and threw in some Thinsulate.  Isn’t that awesome?

Freezy Freakies 2

Warm and Cold Ski Alpine Glove

Want some of your own?  Well, we’re sorry to say that the Kickstarter campaign is completely sold out.  That means that those four designs may never be available again, but, head on over to getfreezy.com to get on the list for the next round.  If nothing else, you need these for gaper day and onesie parties.