Black Sheep Carbon et al

Geared up with the Black Sheep Carbon

Gearhead Sean got a chance to test the G3 Black Sheep Carbon 168 this week in some decent snow on Jones Pass.

The Black sheep utilizes a hybrid, cap-wall construction and full-thickness Rockwell C48 edges.  Hybrid cap means that part of the board’s sidewall is capped and part is ABS plastic.  The tip and tail are capped to decrease weight and add durability.  The running edge – where your feet apply pressure to the edges – is ABS to increase rigidity and response.  It is also a full rocker profile that was easy to use on the way up and a lot of fun on the way down!

G3 Black Sheep Carbon tail

The G3 Black Sheep Carbon tail – solid, metal clips keep it rigid

The board is stiff, but not unforgivingly so.  168cm is the longest board we have used, but it was surprisingly easy to control.  It has a very nice combination of characteristics – stiff, yet responsive and damp.  Our ideal board combines stiff torsional rigidity – for holding a tight edge and being predictable in all snow conditions – with the perfect amount of longitudinal flex.  We can’t imagine recommending a board with soft torsional stiffness for anyone, but longitudinal flex has to be tuned to the rider.  Perfect flex characteristics account for rider weight, riding style, and personal preference.  G3’s Black Sheep happens to fit Sean’s profile.  When the board and rider work together, the experience is magic.

With the Black Sheep Carbon utilizes G3’s CarbonLight construction, which combines a Poplar/Pawlonia wood core with layers of glass and carbon fiber.  The carbon layer makes the board feel a bit lighter, snappier and absorbs a bit of chatter – which are all really good qualities.  We paired it with G3 High Traction splitboard skins and Karakoram Split 30 bindings.  The bindings fit perfectly – better than they did on the Venture Storm 165.

G3 Black Sheep Carbon Split

The G3 Black Sheep Carbon, split and ready to climb

All in all, this is the most fun we have had on a splitboard yet.  We’re looking forward to putting this to lots of use this season!

If you have to have the best of the best – and we know you do – G3 also makes the Black Sheep Carbon X3.  It steps things up with CarbonUltraLight construction that replaces the glass layers in the regular board with MOAR CARBON!

To see if the G3 Black Sheep Carbon – or the gorgeous X3 – are right for you, contact our Gear Concierge.