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Ghost Bicycles Riot 7

REI, the national outdoor gear and apparel retailer has partnered with a leading German manufacturer of high-performance bicycles to bring the GHOST brand to the United States. The full suspension mountain bike models Kato FS 7, Riot 7 LC, and other select models, are now available for purchase exclusively through

Over the past two decades, GHOST bicycle designs have won a number of international awards and are considered to be among the best in the world. REI will offer 41 GHOST mountain, road and city bicycle models ranging in price from $649 at the entry level up to $7,999 at the premium level for discerning and advanced riders. GHOST bicycles will be sold on for direct-to-consumer delivery nationwide and free in-store pick up at REI stores. The Kato FS 3 will also be available in REI stores starting in March.

Ghost Bikes Bicycles REI Kato

Ghost Bikes Kato FS

“We are incredibly proud to introduce GHOST to the U.S.,” says Mark Harding, REI Merchandising Cycle Manager. “These bikes have the attention to detail you would expect from German engineering and a ride you’ll fall in love with.”

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Ghost Bicycles Panamao X8

Categories include:

  • GHOST full suspension mountain bikes: Based on the trusted four-bar design concept, these bikes deliver incredible control and traction.
  • GHOST hardtail mountain bikes: Recognized for their cutting-edge carbon fiber frame designs, they have been raced to Olympic Gold, World Cup victories, and a World Championship title.
  • GHOST city bikes: Designed in Germany where bicycling is both basic transportation and a way of life, these bikes incorporate proven geometry for a comfortable ride and a range of features to make getting around town a breeze.
  • GHOST road bikes: Inspired by the innovative thinking of the mountain and city designs, these bikes are built with premium materials to be light, responsive and comfortable for speed and distance.

Visit for more information about available styles and specs.

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