Nick Gilson of Gilson Boards is making some game-changing snowboards. We had an opportunity to meet with him at SIA 2015 in Denver. He gave us a behind-the-scenes idea of how the boards work and it is very impressive. Gilson snowboards incorporate a “Raised Central Region” and “Soft Edges.” The combination of the two causes lots of float and easy turn initiation. It’s very hard to catch an edge with the Soft Edge tech, so it makes buttering, floating in powder, and just letting loose a lot of fun. We tested the Signature Pro model on some great snow at Copper Mountain. Hopefully, the video gives you an idea of how much fun it is to ride.

Below is also a video from the inventor himself, Nick Gilson. He gives great detail into the technology that goes into making these awesome boards.

All we can say is, get yourself on one ASAP and get ready to smile! You’re in for a fun ride.

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