We’re far from done with the snow here at Engearment (You hear that, Ullr?), but we know some of your minds are already dreaming of warmer days and the activities that come with them.  Our summer jaunts range from backpacking trips into the wilderness to gathering friends around a fire at a campsite off a dirt road for drinks, s’mores, and sausage-stealing dog shenanigans.

We understand that not everyone is going to enjoy sleeping on the ground.  For those who want to bring a real bed along, but want something with classy looks and low weight that will work with any vehicle’s towing limits, we introduce you to the Hutte Hut by Sprouting Sprocket Studios.

Hutte Hut 1

The Hutte Hut in a field.

A gorgeous combination of Jobert Okume marine plywood and weatherproof fabric roof, the Hutte Hut offers 44 square feet of space.  It’s enough for a bed for two and a few pieces of civilization.  The exposed, lightweight frame and large windows create an airy space inside.

Hütte Hut 2

The interior – warm and inviting.

We expect the Hutte Hut to fall within the towing capacity of most vehicles and the teardrop shape won’t suck up too much gasoline on your way to the woods.

Hütte Hut 3

That’s an Audi A3. It’s not rated to tow anything. Your car will be fine.

We can’t help you get a Hutte Hut, yet, because they’re not available.  But, Engearment‘s Gear Concierge can help you round out the rest of your gear closet.