We first heard of the Hyperice Vyper on Kickstarter.  We were enthralled with the idea of a high torque foam roller.  Sean has been using foam rollers (all kinds of brands – but prefers the basic high-density foam), lacrosse balls, golf balls and every other tool he can find to self-massage muscles, tendons and fascia in hopes to aid recovery from exercise and adventures.  He also uses them to speed his clients’ recovery after workouts.

Hyperice Vyper

The Hyperice Vyper arrives.

We invested our money on the spot and eagerly awaited the delivery of the device.  Well, the UPS man delivered the goods two days ago and we have used and used the Vyper and used it some more!  Sean has used it on his training clients, on other trainers and himself.

Hyperice touts use by NBA star Blake Griffin, World Cup ski champion Lindsey Vonn, and somewhat-disgraced NFL running back Adrian Peterson.

Hyperice Vyper in Use

Hyperice Vyper in Use, Releasing Gearhead Sean’s IT Band

Our Hyperice Vyper review? The foam itself is much denser (and therefore – intense) than any other foam roller we have seen.  It is made of proprietary polypropylene foam, developed in Germany, that is extremely high density and resilient.  That alone makes this roller more effective.  Now, add an 11 amp electric motor powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery (think Tesla) operating at 3 different frequencies:  28Hz, 32Hz, and 38Hz. Level 1 is good enough for most people.  It is quite startling at first to have a foam roller vibrating, somewhat violently, underneath you.  That startling feeling quickly fades into a therapeutic and rewarding feeling.  We would roll back and forth until we found a trigger point then allowed the Vyper to massage the trigger point to release it.

The Vyper works by helping to relax fascia and muscle tissue.  You can accomplish myofascial release on your own with the Vyper or other devices like a foam roller, lacrosse ball, Thera Cane, golf ball  or other tools.  A professional masseuse can also help recovery.  The end game is that a person wants his fascia network to be pliable and resilient in order to function at the highest level.  The theory on why the Vyper works best it that 1) the foam is super dense and therefore can manipulate facia more effectively and 2) the vibration and frequency of the motor help stimulate the fascia to release more than the roller alone.  Plus, it feels fucking awesome.

Sean likes to use it at level 2 for most basic foam rolling.  Level 3 is borderline hallucinatory.   When lying on our back and looking at the light on our Christmas tree, they were shaking back and forth.  The power this device puts out is impressive.  The Vyper will last about two hours of use and charges with a propriety 16.1-volt charger.  This tool will be seeing lots of use!

The Vyper is available for shipment by Christmas if you pay an extra $20 to expedite it.  Otherwise, expect it to ship early next year.

If you need help deciding if a Vyper is right for you, contact our Gear Concierge.