Jeremy Jones is a prolific backcountry splitboarder who has inspired us to get deeper, further, and higher into the mountains.  He also manufactures his own snowboarding and splitboarding gear under the eponymous Jones Snowboards.  We picked up a set of the Jones Snowboards Mohair Skins to try out and compare against some of the nylon and blend models we already have in the quiver.  Skip down to go directly to our Jones Snowboards mohair skins review video.

Jones skins are manufactured by Pomoca out of Switzerland.  They worked together for three years to find the perfect mix of traction and glide.  In the end, they settled on a 100% mohair plush, making these the first 100% mohair splitboard skins on the market.  (Mohair comes from goats!)  Pomoca adds a water repellent finish to prevent wetting out and glop so you can keep going for multiple laps.  The glue is awesome – it sticks perfectly but also releases easily when you rip skins.

Jones skins come in one size only – 165 cm long by 140mm wide – and are trim to fit.  They also come with the tail clip unmounted, so you can trim the length of the skins before installing them.  There may have been some distribution issues with missing tail clip kits, but that seems to be resolved now.  Double check to make sure your skins come with the tail clips and talk to your retailer if they don’t.  We went through three kits before receiving one with the tail clips included.

Need help deciding which skins you need for your splitboard or alpine touring setup?  We’ve tried them all and can help you find the best balance of traction, glide, and price.  Stop by our Backcountry Gear Concierge page for help.  Or, if you already know the Jones skins are for you, we appreciate you comparison shopping on our Backcountry Gear Search page.