TrailLite Designs UL Ebira 2 – Ultralight Tenkara Carryall

Tenkara embraces simplicity.  With only a rod, line, and fly (no reel!), the tenkara fisherman can make more delicate presentations, better drifts, and feel every twitch on the line.  Such simplicity makes it tough to find appropriate gear – most packs don’t accommodate tenkara rods.  TrailLite Designs understands the spirit of tenakara.  This summer, they introduced the UL Ebira 2 – an updated version of the original UL Ebira.  It carries all you need for a day on the river and nothing more.

TrailLite Designs UL Ebira 2 Cuben Tenkara Review

Want to ditch your reel and try tenkara? Maybe you want your first (or second..third?) piece of ultralight cuben fiber gear.  Our Gear Concierge knows the right gear to get you started.  Click for a gear consultation.

The UL Ebira is the definition of minimal.  It consists of a sleeve, sewn from hybrid Cuben fiber, and a detachable, zippered pouch.  The sleeve is long enough to hold almost any tenkara rod – you can carry two rods if you insert them in opposite directions.  (We tried it.  It’s tight and the rods are difficult to pull out, but it works.)  The sleeve includes eyelets for attaching the included 2mm cord to sling it over your shoulder.  The sling can be switched for right or left shoulder carry and tightens with a Lineloc.

TrailLite Designs UL Ebira 2 Cuben Tenkara Review


TrailLite Designs also sews a daisy chain on the front, where the included pouch attaches with quickclips.  We flipped it around so the zipper is at the bottom when it is closed and on your back.  When you swing the Ebira around to your front, the zipper then opens down.

TrailLite Designs UL Ebira 2 Cuben Tenkara Review

The pouch is big enough for a small, foam flybox and a tippet spool, but that’s about it.  If you use line spools, they won’t fit.  There’s an elastic strap on the back of the pouch to keep it secure.  It would be easy to attach the pouch to any backpack strap for easy access on the trail.

TrailLite lists weight at 1 oz.  Actual weight is 1 5/8 oz (48g).  Not quite list weight, but still pretty darn light!  It really is perfectly designed to carry a minimal tenkara kit.  It also makes a great addition to your backpacking entourage, keeping your rod and fly box protected and easily accessible.  We love that it is small enough that it doesn’t interfere with ventilation while you carry it.  No overheating or sweat spots!  With such a light load, the 2mm cord is sufficient.  On their larger Ebira offerings, TrailLite offers fabric straps to spread heavier loads.  We’re big fans!

The UL Ebira 2 is available directly from TrailLite for $54.95 plus shipping.