Voke Tabs – It’s Your Morning Boost, but Chewable

Imagine yourself on the trail – you need a little boost of energy but you don’t want to pull out your stove to heat water for coffee or drink a sugary energy drink. How about in the office? That next task is looking mighty intimidating. What do you do? Well that is where Voke Tabs come to play. They are tablets that you chew, much like a chewable vitamin, and they pack a nice little punch to get you over the next hill or through the next project at work.

Voke Tabs

Voke is a small start-up in Montana. Good people with a bit of an underground following with guys like Conrad Anker, Jimmy Chin, Jeremy Jones, Chris Davenport and others. Voke founder Kalen Caughey grew up a ski racer and always wanted coffee before his races, but hated how it would spill on the chairlift. He teamed up with his father, Byron Caughey, a biochemist, to start working on a solution from his dorm room at Montana State. The goal was a spill-proof energy alternative to provide portable fuel in the mountains and in 2011, Kalen launched Voke.

Voke sells their product as an occasional boost or a replacement for your daily caffeine: over one month of using Voke tabs instead of stopping by the coffee shop, you save $81, and up to 6000 calories. Multiply by 12 for a yearly benefit of $972 and 72,000 calories. That’s more than two pounds of fat!

Voke Tabs

Voke shipped us a tin of their energy tabs to try out. The literature included stated that the chewable tablets had ~77mg of caffeine (from guarana), 100% Vitamin C and no artificial sweeteners or colors. Not too sure what to make of these unique tablets, I took one before a kettlebell workout. No energy spike, nor was there a crash. No pill to swallow, no drink to open and spill. Seemed convenient. Taste was fine, not bitter or offensive. Quite nice really. Next day I took 2 and went about a more demanding session of biking. Felt good! I am starting to like these. Finally I had 2 and went about a regular work day (~10 hours of training group classes) and felt just fine, not amped up, just moderately alert. I can see how these would be user friendly – at $1 a tablet, they are cheaper than an energy drink, no added sugar, they fit in your pocket and taste fine. They are touted as being used by big mountain bad ass Conrad Anker and many other world class athletes. I am not quite that awesome of an athlete, but I think they definitely have a place for the weekend warrior, everyday athlete and just about anyone that prefers a chewable energy tablet to a sugary energy drink or coffee.

Voke Tabs

Voke Tabs

In a world full of carbonated, chemical caffeine cocktails, super-hot Char-bucks coffee and who knows what pills – its nice to have a simple, effective, convenient and economical source of caffeine and some vitamins. Not to sure what impact the vitamin C will have on teeth (I chewed my tablets up fast) but it will probably not have too much effect. Much less than guzzling on some crappy soda or energy drink. Plus it won’t stain your teeth like coffee. So what do I think of these little tablets? Recommended!

Voke offers memberships to keep you stocked with Voke Tabs automagically.

Full ingredients list:

VOKE BLEND 188mg Organic Guarana Berry Seed, Natural Caffeine (77 mg), Organic Acerola Cherry

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Organic Erythritol, Natural Flavors, Xylitol, Organic Maltodextrin, Cellulose, Palm Oil, Beet Juice Powder, Organic Gum Acacia, Ascorbic Acid, Guar Gum, Magnesium Stearate, Rebiana from Stevia Leaves, Monk Fruit Extract, Citric Acid