Seven Great Outdoors Gifts for Dad

Dad deserves some great gifts this season.  For our Father’s Day Gift Guide, we turned to our resident dad, Dave, to find out what dads are wanting when it comes to gear.

Tentsile Trillium Hammock

Hammocks are awesome. Even better is a hammock that you can fit the entire family in. The Tentsile Trillium is the ultimate hammock, with 80 sq. ft. of space and a capacity of 880 lbs! You can even stack multiple Trilliums one atop another for a multi-level snooze/play area high in the trees. Forget tree houses – the Tentsile Trillium is where it’s at. There’s even a mesh version!

Stanley Flask & Shot Glass set

Father's Day Gift Guide Outdoors 2016 stanley flash shot glass

c. Stanley

Does dad need to get away with his buddies? Make sure his man time is well lubricated with a flask and shot glass set from Stanley. The brand has been around for ages and stands behind their products, so you know dad will be able to appreciate this gift for a long time. Plus, it holds booze. Why do you need shot glasses in the backcountry? To toast to families that let dads go into the woods with his buddies, of course!

Yeti Coolers Hopper

Father's Day Gift Guide Outdoors 2016 Yeti Hopper Cooler

c. Yeti Coolers

Dad cannot live on whiskey alone. He needs beer too. (Also, maybe food.) With the Yeti Hopper series, he can bring 18, 24, or 36 beers along (or food), with enough ice to keep things cold for up to three days. Soft sides and a shoulder strap make for easy carry, but with the performance of a Yeti cooler. Dad deserves this.  Available in 20, 30, and 40L models.

Kelty Transit 3.0

Father's Day Gift Guide Outdoors 2016 Kelty Transit 3.0

c. Kelty

He wants to get out on the trail, but he’s on dad duty. Or, maybe you all want to get out on the trail as a family. The Kelty Transit 3.0 secures your grom, up to 30 lbs, with a five point harness and features enough adjustability that both dad and mom can use it. Sunshade included, the Transit has enough pocket space to carry snacks, toys, and everything else you need for the trail.

Proof Federal Sunglasses

Does dad have unique style? Does he like the planet? Proof’s Federal shades will make him look cool. But, they’re hand made out of sustainably harvested wood. CR-39 lenses block 100% UVA/B, which is important, but the most important part is, again, that the Federals will make him look cool. You want a cool dad, right?

Mythical Chalk Bags

Does dad climb rocks? Get him the most gorgeous chalk bag we’ve ever seen. Mythical chalk bags are made from leather with fleece liners. They’re the opposite of disposable. Choose from a full grain or hair-on leather or a suede exterior. Make sure dad chalks up in style before sending that boulder! Buy them here.

Timber! Mountain Bike Bell

Father's Day Gift Guide Outdoors 2016 Timber! mountain bike bell

c. Timber!

Every mountain biker should have a bell. We haven’t seen a more functional one than the Timber! (The exclamation point is theirs.) No need to hit a striker to make noise – the bell has a sliding switch that lets you control volume or turn it off, but the sound comes from trail vibration, not your thumb. Make sure dad is courteous on the trail with this great addition to his handlebars.  Available below or on Amazon Prime.