How Engearment Works

We do a lot of work at Engearment to gather awesome gear and put out honest reviews.  There are some costs involved with that work, things that go beyond hosting the site.  You don’t see crazy paid ad placements on Engearment.  There’s a reason for that: they suck.  Our sparse ads are from a company called Cliques which focuses only on outdoor industry brands.  So, the ads you see will be relevant, and they won’t track you all over the internet.  But, that means we don’t get as much ad revenue as some other sites out there.

How do we support Engearment then?  Two words: Affiliate Links.

You’ll see affiliate links all over the site.  We work with over 150 online vendors and use Avantlink to scrape product information and prices from their websites.  When you click one of our links and buy something from the vendor, your price paid doesn’t change, but we get a small percentage of the sale.  From the Buy it Now! windows at the bottom of a post to some of the hyperlinks in the post body, we rely on people clicking through and buying the outdoors gear they need via our links.  Our Gear Search tool runs entirely on affiliate links.  When you contact our Gear Concierge for help, we send you affiliate links to the gear that we think will suit you best.  We’re disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

Without your clicks, we don’t have revenue to support the website.  So, we appreciate every time you click one of our links or start your quest for new gear on our Gear Search page.  It keeps Engearment going and helps us bring you awesome reviews of the newest and coolest gear.

Next question – how do we get all the gear we review?

First of all – you will not see a review of anything that we haven’t had our hands on.

Sometimes, we reach out to gear companies and ask for a sample of a specific piece of gear.  Sometimes they oblige us; other times they don’t.  When companies provide a sample, it can be on a loaner basis.  In those cases, we eventually give it back to the company.  In other cases, usually on small items, the company has a budget for demo product that they send out for reviews.  We get to keep those and add them to the Engearment gear closet for long term testing.

If we really want to test something out but can’t get a sample, we’ll go ahead and buy it ourselves.  Sometimes that’s an indication that we really think a piece of gear is cool.  Other times, we’re sadly wrong.

Regardless, you are the ones who make Engearment possible.  Your clicks and unique visits are what boost our reputation and allow us to reach out to big gear companies and give them a reason to let us review their product.  The more you stop by to see what we’re up to, the more opportunities we have to give you cool things to read about.  It’s symbiotic!  So, thank you for stopping by.  Thank you for using our affiliate links.  And thank you for being out in the wilderness with us.  We hope you enjoy it.  If you need some new gear, well…that’s why we’re here.