Engearment Podcast – Pavel Shout Out! – Patagonia Recycled Fishnet Jacket? Free Solo at Red Rocks Giveaway Winners!


Live from the backcountry of Colorado, it’s another episode of the Engearment podcast.  With your host, Sean Sewell and Chloe and Riley dog.  

In this quick episode, we will cover what is new with Engearment, who won our Free Solo at Red Rocks Giveaway and a major shout out from Pavel in his newest book – The Quick and The Dead.  


Mountain Fitness School – Celebrating 1 year of teaching outdoor fitness!

I am proud to announce that the online Mountain Fitness School is celebrating 1 year of operation.  Helping people get in mountain ready condition, from all levels of background.  From weekend warriors, flatlanders and grandparents, to elite-level backcountry skiers and bow hunters.  Check it out!


Free Solo Red Rocks Giveaway!  With Backcountry.com, Red Rocks Beer Garden, Denver Film Society, Bent Gate Mountaineering, Earth Treks, and more!  Congrats to Christy Brown for winning this contest!  She and her boyfriend Dennis Waganaar got to see Free Solo in VIP style at Red Rocks last night.  Plus, win a bunch of other great prizes 🙂

Patagonia Rainshadow Jacket review.  Made from recycled materials, including fishnets!  Check out our review on that here

Much, Much more from the team at Engearment here!

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