Let’s talk about trucker hats. Why? Because they’re cool-looking, keep the sun off your face, have great air circulation, and promote general badassery. Plenty of companies make them. But we’d like to introduce you to one that is kind of neat – bigtruck.

Hold on there, English majors! We didn’t lose our shift key. bigtruck has no capital letters. Why? We sat down with Galen Gifford, metaphorically speaking, and asked about his disdain for grammar, how bigtruck started, and other choice information:

bigtruck Galen Gifford interview

This is a CEO? c. bigtruck

Selling Tahoe mansions to hat making…connect the dots for us. Why hats?

I had a budding real estate career selling multi million dollar properties and making more money than I had ever made in my life. During this time I was making hats with friends and starting bigtruck. I’ve always loved hats since I was a kid. My great grandfather was a hat lover and that love of headwear was passed down to me (plus all the men in my family are bald). There was no question that making hats and building a brand was more fulfilling to me then selling real estate which was giving me financial success and the feeling of achievement. The choice to take the obvious road, make more money, and seek achievement vs doing what I loved by seeking fulfillment became very clear. I quit my real estate job and went full time into making hats and building bigtruck. This is how fun first was born and became infused in the brand.

What’s #FunFirst and how does it guide you and bigtruck?

bigtruck was founded on the belief that fun brings us together and doing what we love contributes to our greatest achievements. #FunFirst supports the notion that if you do what you love, if you have joy in your life, you will have a better chance at making your dreams into reality. #FunFirst is infused in bigtruck simply because that is how it was started.

Tell us a bit about the design process for a new hat style? Where does the inspiration come from?

bigtruck has always been about focused and articulate design, super high quality and giving people a unique and desirable product. Both bold and clean bigtruck design is engaging and made for life’s daily adventures. Inspiration for our designs come from real world living. We are inspired by the people out there doing what they love. We are inspired by sport, culture, art, music and nature. Colors, fabrics, creating and conversation all inspire the bigtruck design team to collaborate and come together to make the best hats around!

What’s the best part about collaborating with brands like GoPro and foundations like High Fives?

bigtruck is a socially accountable brand that at it’s core is purpose driven. Working with the High Fives Foundation gives us an opportunity to serve and give back to our community and friends.

We have a ton of pride in working with partners such as GoPro. We have a unique gift of fast turn times and being very nimble while keeping a firm focus on quality and design. providing value to our partners via our bigtruck cobrand program has been an incredible way for more people to learn about bigtruck.

Who do you look up to in the industry? Who would you like to collaborate with?

We find inspiration and have respect from all kinds of authentic brands in many different industries that have a similar spirit to bigtruck. Warby Parker, Tesla, and Virgin Group to name a few. We have been fortunate to work with leading companies, brands and non profits.

Why should everyone be wearing a bigtruck hat?

Well, bigtruck represents a lifestyle that supports those who seek fun and adventure in everything they do. The bigtruck tribe is filled with people who are empowered to be doing what they love in this life. That love and fun is all inclusive and manifests itself in many different ways. From skiing to surfing from globe trotting to creating. So yes everyone could wear a bigtruck hat! Our design is articulate, clean and bold. Our quality is set at a premium standard plus there is a secret sauce and an undeniable esoteric ingredient of love that goes into making bigtruck hats. Good things happen to good people when they are out in the world wearing a bigtruck hat!