Manchild Wishlist – Gear Gifts for the Grown kid, Manchild and WomanChild

Gift ideas for the kid in all of us.  From motorized skateboards to percussive recovery devices to roof tents and color changing leather boots.

Acton Blink S-R Motorized Skateboard

Yes, a motorized skateboard.  Because, why not?  This thing will hit 16MPH and go up a 15-degree angle.  MSRP$449 (but on sale for $349!) 

Action Blink SR Skateboard

Boosted Boards Mini X

Another motorized skateboard to check out is the Boosted Mini X MSRP $999. A bit higher in price, but packs a punch.

Boosted Boards Mini X



Hyperice Hypervolt – Get your Fitness Recovery Elevated

If you work hard, you need to take recovery seriously.  I have been using and loving the Hyperice Hypervolt for pre-adventure prep and post workout out recovery.  Three speeds to suit your recovery needs.  Battery life is surprisingly good at ~3 hours.  MSRP $349

Full review here:

Hyperice Hypervolt – Professional Review of the Vibration​ Tool for Recovery and Performance


ECCO Exostrike – Dyneema Color Changing Boots

Take a pair of legit, leather boots, then add Dyneema and have them change color in different temperatures. Essential?  Nope.  Cool?  Yep!  While you may not need the hyper color boots, the Gore-tex version is quite nice and functional MSRP $150

Full review here:

ECCO Exostrike – Dyneema Bonded Leather Boots From the Future

Tepui Kukenam Sky Roof Tent

Roof tent?  Sure, why not.  If you are looking to keep your home on top of your truck and like ladders, then this is for you.  Check out the very detailed review below for more insights.  Tepui Sky 3 MSRP $1425  – all the way up to the Kukenam Ruggedized $2100

Tepui Let Us Borrow a Kukenam Sky – Should You Buy a Roof Top Tent?

Grassracks Ski and Snowboard Racks

Grassracks provide the ultimate way to show off your skis, snowboards, splitboards, surfboards and other gear.  We have the Hallsteiner MSRP $148 mounted in our living room, holding my splitboards with pride.  The Moloka’i MSRP $108 is perfect for snowboards.



Primus Tupike Car Camping Stove

This is not your typical propane car camping stove.  This is the luxury version! Not only does look great, it performs even better.  I took the Primus Tupike stove up above treeline to test it’s limits. No problem.  Took it winter camping. No problem (just make sure your fuel is warm). If you value good looks, durability and cooked food, then the Primus Tupike is for you.  MSRP $180

Primus Tupike Car Camping Stove – Classy and Powerful Dual Burner Stove

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