Mountain Standard – Makers of Great Standard Issue Mountain Gear

Mountain Standard

Mountain Standardis a Colorado-based gear company that makes really great outdoor gear for fair prices.  All their products are simple, functional and get the job done.  Here is the secret – they have been making gear for other big-name companies for years.  Chances are good that you already have some gear made by them, just under a different brand name.

Mountain Standard

I had a chance to meet the owners Jason and Eric at a media event hosted at their Boulder Flagship store.  If you are in the area, stop by and check it out.  Located on the famous Pearl Street Mall, it is a nice little boutique store.   Another secret – the magic happens behind the storefront.  In the back, the team is at work designing top level gear and collaborating with major brands.  Very cool!  During the meeting, I learned the “why” of Mountain Standard.   I always find it fascinating to hear why people start their businesses.  It boiled down to the founders wanting to make high-quality gear for enjoying outdoor life in the mountains of Colorado.  I think they nailed it with their line up of soft goods (see our review of the Mountain Utility Glove) camp gear and snacks.

Mountain Standard

Camp Chair – Packable Perfection

The Camp Chair is a great example of simple and functional design.  It comes neatly stored in a zippered bag.  Once you open the bag up, you simply unroll the chair and assemble the frame.  Insert the 4 corners into the chair and have a seat.  It is so simple you can do it in the dark (and even after a few beers).


It is as comfortable as any camp chair I have used.  Simple, comfortable and durable.  I used it winter camping and summer camping.  Left it out in snow and rain.  No issues.  I like that it only comes in one color.  Again, keeping it simple and effective.  MSRP $88

Mountain Fleece Blanket – It’s a fleece blanket, dugh

What is a fleece blanket good for? Protecting your truck seats from muddy dogs.  Laying out on the grass for a picnic.  Snuggling up at the campfire.  Extra insulation in the tent.  It is easy to clean and has a soft feel.  It is a versatile fleece blanket.  Dugh.

Merino Wool Camp Socks – Just good wool socks

Not to sound like a broken record here, but again, these are just good wool socks.  One color.  They feel good, don’t shrink when you wash them and wick sweat just like wool is supposed to. I am not that big of a fan of the green and red color, but so what.  They are good socks and I wear them.  MSRP $14

Awesome Camp Food – Collaboration with Backpackers Pantry

This was the area that surprised me the most – camp food. I usually don’t care for store-bought camp food (like Mountain House and others).  One of the only brands I will usually eat is Backpackers Pantry.  Bonus – they are Boulder local too!  I enjoyed the Black Bean Salsa MSRP $5.90with some chips.  The Farmers Market Scramble MSRP $4.90was a nice addition to my usually boring scrambled eggs.  I had never had peas in my eggs, but I like it now!  My favorite was the Power On Pancakes MSRP $8.90.  I am pretty sure I could live on these for breakfast.  What is most impressive about them is the 22 grams of plant-based (non-soy) protein.


Mountain Standard does not have a huge catalog of gear, but what they do have is great quality, mountain essentials to make the most of camp life.  Being a Colorado semi-native that spends a lot of time in the mountains makes me appreciate how these guys do business.  Camp vibes indeed.

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