Need New G3 Skins? 18/19 ALPINIST+ Skins Announced

G3 just announced their 18/19 lineup of Alipinist climbing skins.  The names are mixed up a little, but you’ll still find the standard Alpinist (the Universal) and the High Traction (now called Grip).  All of G3’s skins incorporate the Scala TPU sections we’ve reviewed for the last two years. The majority of the lineup uses the Scala LT TPUT design; the Alpinist + Pows have the extended TPU section from the original Scala.

More exciting, my dream skins that I asked for last year at SIA are finally a reality – 70/30 MoMix (the Glide)!  And, there’s also a full mohair skin (the Speed).  Both the Glide and Speed have Scala LT TPU as well.  G3 is sending a pair of the Glides for us to test out this season.  We’ll keep you posted.  Press release below…

G3 ALPINIST+ climbing skins

New line of climbing skins makes it easy for skiers to choose the perfect tool for local conditions and terrain preferences.

G3 understands that climbing skins are more than just an accessory – they are an essential part of a skier’s experience in the backcountry. The new ALPINIST+ skins build on G3’s decades of experience building premium skins and has been redesigned for maximum on-snow performance as well as to simplify the process of selecting a climbing skin. With Universal, Grip, Glide, Speed and Pow options, skiers have access to an array of choices from the ALPINIST+ collection that make it easy to understand which skin is best suited for the terrain, local conditions and skier preference.

For 18/19, all ALPINIST+ skins are focused on providing the best performance, featuring a polyurethane tip that eliminates snow creep, improves overall glide, and prolongs the life of the adhesive, as well as a camming tail connector is easily adjustable, eliminates unnecessary drag and allows for quick transitions. G3 Engineers have also refined the adhesive formula to make it even more resilient, so that skiers can take more laps and cover more terrain. The line clarifies G3’s best-in-class plush fabrics by color and user benefit and makes the nuanced balance of grip and glide accessible to the skier to choose.

Bottom Line: The ALPINIST+ collection brings simplicity when selecting the right skins for any adventure.






Optimal Balance of grip/glide/durability

100% nylon

100, 115, 130,145



Maximum grip for steep ascents and icy skin tracks

100% nylon

100, 115, 130,145



Best blend of glide/grip for cold, dry conditions

70/30 mohair/nylon

100, 115, 130,145



Maximum glide and speed

100% mohair

100, 115, 130,145



Extended PU tip for extra trail breaking capability

100% nylon