A while back, goTenna introduced the world’s first backcountry messaging system.  It allowed you to message your friends without cell service and locate them on offline maps with GPS.  With up to 4 miles of range in open areas, you could chat with your co-campers even if you couldn’t see them.

gotenna mesh presale

The latest innovation from goTenna takes this technology and makes it one better, using a mesh network to extend the range of your goTenna to theoretical infinity.  Now, instead of sending signals directly to your chat-mate, the goTenna Mesh can relay your message through other Mesh devices to slinghot around obstacles or across long distances.

Through October 27, you can pre-order the goTenna Mesh through their Kickstarter for $149 – $30 off the eventual retail price.  You get a pair of devices, so you can share with your mates.  Delivery is set for December, 2016.  We’re hoping to get a pair in house soon for a thorough thrashing (we mean testing)!  Meanwhile, if you want to grab a pair of the original goTenna, you can grab them from REI.