SPY OPTICS Hi-Fi​: Affordable Multi-Use Function Eyewear

SPY OPTICS Hi-Fi​: Affordable Multi-Use Function Eyewear 1

I have been long overdue for some multi-use sunglasses.  You know, that pair.


SPY OPTICS Hi-Fi​The ones that will take you from branches in the city to camping in the mountains. The pair that looks equally great under a trucker hat as they do a summer dress and jean jacket.

SPY Optics Hi-Fi sunglasses fit the bill as a fun pair of sunglasses that are fashionable, sporty, comfortable, and, with an MSRP of $65, don’t break the bank.

While I was initially skeptical of the round shape (perhaps a tad too fashionable), after the fourth compliment I received, I changed my mind (round is awesome!). Whether I was bike commuting to work, or going to a weekend barbecue, I found myself constantly reaching for the Hi-Fis when I was walking out the door.


Why Spy Optics Hi-Fi sunglasses are awesome:

  1. Fit. One size fits…me! Because of my narrow face and lower nose bridge, I have difficulty finding sunglasses (sport or fashion) that stay on my face. Ill-fitting eyewear is a thing of the past with Hi-Fi. Please note that I would not recommend the Hi-Fi for women with larger or rounder faces.
  2. Weight.Featherweight construction. You’ll forget you’re wearing them they are so comfortable and light.
  3. Price.$65 is a great price point for those who want a good pair of sunglasses without spending a fortune.
  4. Versatility. The round style does not scream sports recreation and works well in a variety of settings- hiking, camping, or wearing around town.

In the past, SPY Optics has been criticized for not offering enough female-specific eyewear. The inclusion of the Hi-Fi demonstrates their commitment to expanding the options available.

The Hi-Fi comes in four frame colors: crystal, matte black, matte black/matte blonde torte, and matte translucent olive.

Adios, aviators. You’ve been replaced by the Hi-Fis as my favorite multi-use sunglasses.

review by Kate Agathon

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