Product Review Policy

We don’t do puff pieces here at Engearment.  You can be assured that our reviews are as unbiased as we can make them.  If a product has flaws, we’ll point them out.  If something is awesome, we’ll say so.

We try our best to go hands on with every product we review.  You will very rarely see a review of something we haven’t touched, used, and/or attempted to break.  Engearment collects a lot of products throughout the year for review.  Some of them, we buy ourselves.  Sometimes we receive products directly from gear companies.  We try to beat the crap out of everything we test.  In some cases, we return the product to the manufacturer when we’re done.  Other times, we keep it around for long term testing or as decorative wall art.

If’ a manufacturer has provided gear for review and not requested we return it, one of three things happens.  We may keep it for long-term testing and use (we’ll update a review if our opinion changes).  We may give it to an adventurer who needs a few pieces of gear to get outfitted for a trip.  We also have an arrangement with Big City Mountaineers to donate any gear we have that they can use.  Engearment’s policy is that our testers may not sell any of the gear they receive for testing.

When we receive products from the manufacturer, we do not guarantee a good review.  We never accept payment for reviews that appear on the site.  Engearment supports its costs – things like hosting, gear, coffee – through our readers using our Gear Concierge or Gear Search Tool.  You can read all about it – How Engearment Works.