ThirtyTwo Jone MTB Splitboard Boots

ThirtyTwo has teamed up with Jeremy Jones for the 3rd generation of MTB splitboard boots (MSRP $599), and they have even more features than ever! We were really impressed with the new build, new BOA (Spectra cable!) adjustable arch support and new gator. PLUS – there is now a womens version! Next ThirtyTwo took the XLT snowboard boot and gave it a Jones overhaul too (MSRP $349). The user will be able to dial in the stiffness they want. Then, they made a super comfy soft boot for spring conditions. Think walking the dog and snurfing.

Union Binding Company

Union enters the splitboard binding market with 2 new models – Expedition and Expedition FC. Both are made of reinforced plastic, but the FC (Travis Rice’s model) is carbon based. They screw onto the board and use a pin system to lock in lace as well as tour. What we were impressed with was the low cost of entry as well as Union providing all the pieces you will need to set up your splitboard. No need to get pucks, then bindings. They will also have Union skins and crampons. Welcome to the split game guys!


Where to start with Karakoram… So much going on with them! The new Prime X and Prime X Carbon really blew us away. Then they showed us the Weight Reduction kit and our minds were fully blown. They introduced a new Reaction Highback that we are stoked to try out will be on several models. 2 new Connect bindings as well – Connect – R with Reaction highjack and stiff flex sidewall and Connect -SF with a more mellow flex. One of our favorites was the new Dual Speed Riser with heel lock. Heck, even the crampons got upgraded. Lots more to come….


Rossignol brings us Sushi and we want to eat it up. The Sushi is a pow snowboard and splitboard designed by Xavier de Le Rue himself. We had some testers ride it at On Snow and they were impressed. Rossi also enters the pole market with their version of a collapsable trekking pole for us splitboarders.

Deeluxe Boots

Deeluxe revamped both the XVe and XV with the help of Xavier. The XVe really impressed us as they reduced the footprint, introduces us to the XLS system that allows you to engage up to – 8 degrees of articulation for the skin up. The XVe also have BOA system (that is cleverly covered by plastic) and a nice shield for the cables. They are a totally new boot. The XV, in its 5th generation, also features the XLS stride system and reduced footprint.

Spark R&D

Spark celebrates 10 years of making great splitboard bindings and had many great items at SIA. For next year, all bindings will come with Whammy Bars! The Surge and Arc bindings will also have new marshmallow straps (you got to feel them to understand). Their entire lineup is solid.

Never Summer

SIA Snow Show 2017 Snowboarding Splitboarding 2018 Never Summer Shaper

Never Summer introduces the Shaper Series of snowboards featuring the new Fusion Rocker Camber profile. There are some really great boards in this lineup. The Swift and Instagator need to be on your radar. Our heart is set on the new Swift Splitboard!

DC Snowboarding

SIA Snow Show 2017 Snowboarding Splitboarding 2018 DC Snowboarding

DC teams up with Sympatex to deliver some legit waterproof and breathable jacket and pants. The top their models (Cold War Collection) are rated at 45k waterproof and the Nomad pant and Command jacket come in at 30k. The Travis Rice and Torstein Horgmo boots looked pretty sweet too.