Never Summer has been making the Prospector Splitboard for several years now and it is still one our favorite splitboards out there. Check out our video overview and then scroll down to find out why!

The Never Summer Prospector is a burly splitboard built for those riders looking for a strong, stiff board to handle some serious terrain. There is also substantial dampening added – RDS 1+ Dampening System – to mitigate any chatter on less than perfect runs. The board comes in 4 sizes (2 of them wide) and has a larger nose (to help with float) and narrow tail (to help it sink).

This splitboard is made for touring as well as it is for shredding the backcountry. The Prospector features “Extended Tour Rocker Camber Profile” which means that is has an elongated flat section directly below where your feet are when in tour mode. Translation = more contact with the ground so you keep your grip and stay efficiently moving up the mountain. It really does work and we wish more boards would incorporate this feature.

Never Summer Prospector Splitboard 2017

The board also has the Vario Power Grip sidecut for enhanced grab in icier snow conditions. It is not so pronounced that it causes drag in powder though – its a sweet spot of traction and grip.

The board build quality is top notch. We toured the Never Summer factory in Denver, Colorado and saw how much they put into building the best boards possible. On average, over 40 sets of hands go into making one of their products. It is alway nice when you can see the people responsible for making the board and shake their hands.

Never Summer Prospector Splitboard 2017

Never Summer boards come with a 3 year warranty as well. They build these boards to take a beating and keep on delivering. The base on the Prospector is a Durasurf 5501 Sintered base and the core is very lightweight – NS SuperLight and features carbon stringers, STS pretensioned Fiberglass and Bi-Lite Fiberglass.

This board is not meant for the faint of heart. It is easily one of the stiffest boards we have tested over the season. What it is meant for is to be a backcountry freeride work horse and should last you a long time.


Size Waist Edge Sidecut Tip/Tail
160 24.8 128 Vario 812 30.4/28.4
164 25.0 133 Vario 846 30.6/28.6
161X 26.2 128 Vario 912 31.8/29.8
167X 26.2 134 Vario 890 31.7/29.7