Spark R&D Arc Splitboard Bindings

Spark R&D has been making some of the best splitboard bindings for years now. Many people swear by them. We have used a a lot of the previous bindings such as Magneto, Burner, After Burner and Blaze. They are always well made and easy to use. What makes the Spark R&D Arc better than previous models? Read on to find out.

Spark has done away with the Magnetos and replaced them with the new Arc. It still features the Teslas system but it has some improvements. For one, they got rid of the dual climbing wires. Now there is only one, highly effective, touring wire to use. You can engage it with the basket of your trekking pole. There are 2 levels – 12 degrees and 18 degrees. Both positions stay put very well thanks to the new T1 heel rests.  You can also use the new T1 Heel Locker to lock the Arc binding into split ski mode.


Spark R&D T1 Heel Locker

The Spark R&D T1 heel locker lets riders lock down the heel in tour mode for better ada… [More]

Price: $34.95
Sale: $34.95

Spark R&D Arc Splitboard Bindings

One cool addition is a padded heel rest (sold separately) that helps dampen the ride as well as insulate from the cold ground. We will have a set soon and report back on how effective they are.


Spark R&D Baseplate Padding Kit (Magneto/Arc)

The Spark R&D baseplate padding kit reduces foot fatigue and adds insulation for extend… [More]

Price: $19.95
Sale: $19.95

Spark R&D T1 Heel Rests

The Spark R&D T1 heel rests allow you to easily upgrade your current Tesla second board… [More]

Price: $14.95
Sale: $14.95

Spark R&D has even created their very own pucks as well. We really were impressed with these. They are easier to adjust (as well as offer way more adjustability than the standard Voile pucks) and they are metal. Sweet!

Spark R&D Arc Splitboard Bindings

The straps and buckles are made by Burton – so you know how smooth they are.

The high back is adjustable from 0 – 22 degree forward lean as well as offer tool free (!) adjustability AND you can disengage them for -13 degrees when touring. Very smooth indeed.


We used the Spark R&D Arc bindings during a 4 day Level 2 AIARE course in Rocky Mountain State Park. What jumped out was that the other splitboarders – including the instructor! – were also on the Spark bindings. That says a lot about how well these are made and how respected and trusted they are by other pro splitboarders.

We surveyed everyone in the group to see if there were any issues (there are always issues with any gear!) The complaints were very few and we did not experience them directly. One of the users reported that he had the brass bushings pop out on a tour, though that did not happen in front of us, and Spark is great with customer service. So we see no reason not to recommend these splitboard bindings, or any other splitboard bindings from Spark R&D.

Bonus – each binding set comes with a handy Spark pocket tool – this is a sweet little multi tool with screw driver and allen key bits.