Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Binding

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Binding

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Bindings – Lighter and Stronger!

The Spark R&D team examined the already solid Surge and Arc splitboard bindings to see how they could improve them.  From a higher grade metal frame and aluminum hardware to the carbon infused high back and lighter pillow staps.  The Pro line up of bindings from Spark R&D truly is a step in the right (light) direction.

Many upgrades to lighten the weight so the Surge binding

In this review, we will focus on the Surge Pro splitboard binding.  I have been riding the Surge bindings for the last few years and was very excited to see the new Pro line at the OR 18/19 winter show in Denver.  The moment I picked up the bindings I could feel the difference form the regular Surge.


Comparison of Surge Pro and Surge Splitboard Bindings

Lighter and Stronger

The Surge Pro weighs in at 610 grams for a size large.  Very impressive!  The regular Surge binding weighs in at 704 grams.  That makes the Surge Pro the lightest splitboard binding that we have tested.  For comparison, the Karakoram Carbon X weighs in at 690 grams.

How did they save all that weight?

Everything went on a diet.  The Pillow Straps are 20% lighter, thanks to the Pebax material.  The heel loop is a heat treated 7075 aluminum.  Screws are swapped out for aluminum as well.  The highback is now carbon infused and very responsive.  All that adds up to almost 100 grams of weight savings.

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Binding

Other improvements

One of the very few issues I have had with Spark R&D bindings is losing a bushing on the touring bracket.  Spark addressed this by creating a lighter and more resilient bracket called the Fusion Tesla bracket.  Made of injection molded nylon that is self-lubricating.  This is a very nice and simple improvement.  The new brackets will not only be available on the Pro line but the regular line up as well.  So every new Spark Binding will have the new Fusion Tesla bracket.

Made in Montana, by splitboarders, for splitboarders

Spark makes great bindings that work when you need them too.  Personally, I find the bindings to be a very nice combination of performance and reliability.  Most of the bindings and equipment is made in-house at the Montana headquarters.  Always nice to support a company in the US.

Spark R&D Pro Surge Splitboard Binding


If you are looking for a reliable, strong and lightweight splitboard binding – the Spark R&D Pro Surge is going to be a great choice.  It takes everything I love about the Surge and makes it better.  Better, lighter, stronger!